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  1. Botanical name:
    Ocimum Basilicum
  2. Family:
    Lamiaceae (Labiatae)
  3. Where from:
    Asia and Africa but is also found throughout the mediterranean area of Europe (Italy and France) and in the USA
  4. Part used to make oil:
    Flowers and leaves
  5. Extraction by:
    Steam destillation
  6. Chemical make up:
    Alcohol - antiseptic, antiviral, uplifting
  7. Therapeutic actions:
    • Antiseptic,   antispasmodic,    cephalic,    emmeangogue,    tonic,  uplifting,  warming
    • prophylactic
  8. Conditions/systems able to benefit : 1
    Nervous – uplifting for depression, insomnia, stress; helps to focus the mind and aids concentration; headaches, migraine, fainting fits, neuralgia, neuritis
  9. Conditions/systems able to benefit : 2
    Muscular/digestive – antispasmodic, relieves muscle tightness, especially in the intestines and stomach;
  10. Conditions/systems able to benefit : 3
    Respiratory- sinusitis
  11. Conditions/systemsable to benefit :4
    • Skin – tonic effect on acne; reduces inflammation of wasp stings
    • Reproductive – amenorrhoea or irregular / scantymenstruations
  12. When not to use
    • On sensitive skin and in prenant women.
    • Basil with a low methyl chavicol - hepatoxic and eugenol content should be used when possible as these are potential sensitisers. Can be hepotoxic
  13. The one thing to remember!!!
    Basil is excellent on clearing the mind of worries and clutterand lifting one's spirit
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