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  1. Declaration of Independence
    • July 4 1776
    • Written by the Continental Congress, comprised of delegates from each colony - now independent nations, in response to the perceived wrongs exacted by King George III of England, to establish independence.
  2. Wrongs of King George
    • Appointed Royal Governors - viewed as autocratic by the colonists.
    • Ignored laws passes by the local assemblies.
    • Passed laws applicable to the colonists in Parliament that the colonists thought were unjust.
    • Really didn't do anything wrong but the colonists - so far removed from England they began to feel more independant and demanding of control over their
  3. Articles of Confederation
    Adopted Nov 1777: No executive, all legislative power

    John Adams commented that the legislature created under the Art. of Confd. were more like "an assembly of ambassadors" than a legislature - per Pugh more like the UN today.

    • •Each state had one vote in the legislature.
    • •9 votes (super majority to pass legislation)
  4. The four executive functions of the Articles of Confederation
    • War
    • Foreign Affairs
    • Treasury
    • Justice

    • Drawbacks
    • •attempt to maintain state sovereignty prevented the federal government from functioning
    • •all run by committee
    • •treasury can't force the states to pay taxes (during or after the war); no common currency
    • •justice - "home court advantage" laws only applicable in the states they originated
    • •interstate commerce - tariffs favoring manufacturing state and no common currency prevents seamless commerce
  5. Thomas Jefferson - View of Human Nature
    People are essentially good.
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