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  1. What is Hersey and Blanchard's situation leadership theory about?
    • -a leadership theory that has gained a strong following among management developemtn specialists;
    • -it's a contingency theory that focuses on followers' readiness
  2. HB Sit-Leadership Theory - what else?
    • SLT uses two leadership dimensions (that Fiedler used as well) -
    • task and relationship behaviours
  3. Hersey and Blanchard's Situation Leadership Theory:
    What are the four specific leadership styles?
    • Telling - (high task-low rela) - leader defines roles and tells people what, how, when, and where to do various tasks;
    • Selling (high task-high rela) - leader provides both directive and supportive behaviour
    • Participating - (low task-high rela) - leader and followers share in decision making; main role of leader it facilitating and communicating
    • Delegating - (low task - low rela) -leader provides little direction or support
  4. Hersey and Blanchard's Situation Leadership Theory: What other component in the SLT model?
    • The final component in the SLT model is the four stages of follower readiness:
    • R1 People are both unable and unwilling to take responsibility for doing something. Followers aren't competent or confident.
    • R2 People are unable but willing to do the necessary job tasks. Followers are motivated but lack the appropriate skills. To be continued....

  5. Hersey and Blanchard's Situation Leadership Theory: What other component in the SLT model?
    • R3 - people are able but unwilling to do the what the leader wants. Followers are competent but don't want to do something
    • R4 - people are both able and willing to do what is asked of them

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