Cranial Nerves and their pathways

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  1. Pathway of CN I: Olfactory Nerve
    • SA fibers¬†
    • From the nasal mucosa in the roof of the nasal cavity --> through the cribiform plate --> to the olfactory bulb on the surface of the cribiform plate --> to the frontal and temporal lobes
  2. Pathway of CN II: Optic Nerve
    • SA fibers
    • from ganglia cells in the retina --> travel throughout system via optic canal of sphenoid --> terminates in the thalamus
  3. Pathway of CN III: Oculomotor Nerve
    • GSE and GVE fibers
    • Both fiber types originate in the brain stem and pass through the superior orbital fissure, where they then split:
    • GSE: supplies the levator pappebrae superioris, superior rectus, inferior rectus, medial rectus, and inferior oblique
    • GVE: passes through the ciliary region to supply the sphincter papillae muscles and the¬†ciliary muscles
  4. Pathway of CN IV: Trochlear Nerve
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Cranial Nerve Pathways
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