3.25 Skin

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  1. Immunoglobin levels does not mature until age _ - _.
  2. what bacteria causes crusted impetigo?
    • staph aureus
    • gabhs
    • or combo of the two
  3. glomerulongphiritis is a complication of impetigo.
  4. what is the tx plan for crusty ass impetigo?
    • soak and wash crusts 3x daily
    • use antibac soap
    • sleep alone
    • no school for first 24hrs after diagnosis
  5. cellulitis can be caused by what bacteria?
    strep, staph or influenza
  6. what does cellulitis look like?
    red, swelling, pain, hot to touch skin
  7. what systemic manifestations are present in cellulitis?
    • fever
    • malaise
    • lymphandenitis (inf. of lymph nodes)
    • lymphangitis (inf. of lymph vessels)
  8. make sure you get a blood cx before you start antibx so you know exactly what you're txing (so you know that the red, swollen skin you're looking at is really cellulitis or not.)
  9. how do you care for the extremity affected with cellulitis?
    rest and elevated with warm soaks.
  10. scabies are more intense at night and they don't jump from person to person
  11. what's a major complication of scabies in relation to impetigo?
    can cause a bacterial infection
  12. what kind of bath do you give one with scabies? then lotion him up?
    warm soap and water. then leave lotion on for 8-14 hours before washing it off.
  13. you have dermatitis? you can use the creams ____ or ____.
    Atarax or Benadryl
  14. What is the name of the diagnostic test for fungus?
    KOH prep
  15. You got a girl that wants to go to prom and you tell her to take the medication and go outside in the sun. why the sun?
    sweat to get the med in and the sun to get the color back.
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