MMI 301: Lecture 20: Psuedomonas II

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  1. Exotoxin A
    • ADP-ribosylating toxin
    • Toxic mechanism identical to diphtheria toxin
    • Deactivates Elongation factor 2 with a ADP-ribose cleaved from a nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide
    • Blocks protein synthesis
    • One molecule can kill cell
  2. P. aeruginosa uses what to secrete what
    Type III secretion system, Exotoxins S, T, U, and Y
  3. Common clinical situations with P. aeruginosa
    A.Pneumonia in patients with cystic fibrosis, the P. aeruginosa organism are highly mucoid when isolated from such patients. 

    • B.One of the most common organisms infecting burns and causing life-threatening
    • septicemia. 

    C.Osteomyelitis (bone infections) following trauma, for example patients recovering from motor vehicle accidents.

    D.Infections of patients with indwelling catheters (IV lines and bladder catheters)

    • E.Rapid, destructive infections of the eye, e.g., scratches of the corneal are
    • inoculated by contaminated contact lens solutions (at right).

    • F.Folliculitis (skin infections)
    • occur because abraded skin becomes infected during a soaking in a hot tub
    • contaminated with the organism (see photograph and story at end of this file).

    G.Bed sores (decubitus).

    • G.Diabetics are at risk of rapidly
    • progressing wound infections and ear infections.

    • H.Intravenous drug abusers that use
    • contaminated needles can have rapidly fatal endocarditis and septic
    • osteomyelitis.

    • I.Patients who become neutropenic
    • (below average peripheral blood neutrophil counts) due to disease or therapies
    • are at risk of septicemia, pneumonia and wound infections by this organism.

    • J.Urinary tract infection/urosepsis/septic
    • shock  (see news story next slide).
  4. Decubitus
    Bed sores, develop in areas touching bed, can become infected with P. aeruginosa, prevents healing
  5. P. aeruginosa treatment, prevention and control
    Resistant to many antimicrobial, coupled with fact it tends to infect people with compromised immune system it is bad.
  6. P. aeruginosa folliculitis
    Hot tub folliculitis
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