3.26 musculoskeletal

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  1. most serious complication of skeletal traction is osteomyelitis
  2. if you see a spiral fx in a kid, r/o abuse.
  3. what is compartment syndrome?
    injury to leg > blood and fluid fill a compartment > pressure builds form fluid building up > blood can't get to muscles, nerves and vessels gets crushed > leg dies. 

    if the fascia isn't surgically cut to relieve the pressure, then leg dies.
  4. most common bone break under age 10?
    clavicle. when they break their fall.
  5. which bone is more susceptible to overuse injury?
    tibula or fibula
  6. skin trx is most effective when the child is less then __ lbs
  7. activity is limited _ weeks AFTER the cast is removed.
  8. turn the child every 2 hours to help cast dry evenly.
  9. .
  10. use alcohol on the skin under the cast. no powder or creams/lotions.
  11. we want to give high fiber diet to a person in a cast bc of risk for constipation d/t immobility
  12. bryants trx is used on who and for what? skin or skeletal?
    children younger than 3 and weigh less than 35lbs. SKIN.

    they have femur fx or congenital hip dysplasia
  13. dunlops tx is used for what?
    supercondylar fx of humerus
  14. russel's traction is used for what? skin or skeletal?
    fx femur or lower leg. skin.
  15. buck traction is skin or skeletal?
  16. You got someone coming in with a frx, and you have them hurting, broken arm is cold, fingers
    can’t move because they “burn”? Compartment syndrome.
  17. what psychologic effects results from them having a physical interference d/t cast or broken arm?
    feeling of helplessness. may affect speech and language development.
  18. complication of untreated scoliosis is reduced lung function.
  19. you have a preschooler that you want to test for DDH (developmental hip dysplasia). which test do you use?

    A) trendelenberg
    B) Bartlow and Ortolani
    A) trendelenberg. 

    B and ortolani are for infants 2-3 months.
  20. What is the Allis sign when doing the Galeazzi test for hip dysplasia?
    where you lay baby on back, push ankles back so it touches butt and knees should be level. if not, positive sign > hip dysplasia.
  21. tx for DDH for kids? for infants?
    kids? they use a spica cast. 

    infants? pavlik harness.
  22. if you feel a hot spot on a cast, it might be an injury under there.
  23. scoliosis past 10 degrees needs tx. below that? postural. tell them to put the backpack on the other shoulder every other day to counter it.
  24. scoliosis? Milwaukee brace for 23 .hours to slow progression. exercises like pelvic tilt and lateral strengthening to help lordosis.
  25. osteomyelitis has a sudden onset. so if you have a kid that is fine one day and fucked up in pain the next day, then might be that.
  26. What is a plastic deformation fracture?
    bone bent no more than 45 degrees
  27. what is a buckle fracture?
    a bulge or raised area at fracture site
  28. what is a greenstick fracture?
    the fracture occurred in only one cortex of the bone
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