Building Construction

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  1. Principal smoke moving mechanism?
    Thermal Energy
  2. Nursing Homes
    What does R.A.C.E. stand for?
    • Remove
    • Activate 911
    • Close Doors
    • Extinguish Fire
  3. Corridors in Hospitals?
    8 ft.
  4. Stack levels in libraries
  5. Width of school corridors?
  6. Global collapse=
    complete collapse
  7. One end to the floor still supported, triangular void
    Lean to floor
  8. Fails in center, perimeter still supported, 2 voids
    V-shaped collapse
  9. One end supported by an interior wall
  10. no voids?
    pancake collapse
  11. one end supported, other end unsupported
  12. Greatest killer of Firefighters
    Heart attack
  13. Minimum size of collapse zone per building construction book?

    Tactics book?
    full height of the wall

    1 and a half times the height of the building
  14. Wall falls straight down
    curtain wall collapse
  15. How many sprinkler heads is the cutoff before you can eliminate the FDC?
  16. External forces that act on a structure?
  17. More accurate term for pre-fire effort?
    pre-fire analysis
  18. _____ squeezes, ______ stretches, and _____ twists
    • Compression squeezes
    • Tension stretches
    • Torsional twists
  19. The building itself and anything permanently attactched
    Dead load
  20. _____ loads can be calculated ____ loads cannot
    • Dead loads can
    • Live loads cannot
  21. NFPA ____ design load code
    NFPA 5000
  22. Added water loads can add over ____ lbs when master streams are flowing
  23. _____ loads- all in one area
    concentrated loads
  24. applied slowly and remain constant
    static loads
  25. _____ loads- applied intermittently
    repeated loads
  26. _______ floors- designed to stiffen the building against wind and other lateral loads
    diaphragm floors
  27. ______ - diagonal braces between columns
  28. heavy riveting of girders
    Portal bracing
  29. Externally braced buildings
    Tube construction
  30. rectangular trusses w/ very rigid corners
    Vierendeel trusses
  31. _____ load - force that is perpendicular or concentrated to one side
    Eccentric load
  32. ____ load - force passes through the centroid
    Axial load
  33. short columns
  34. The rate of available energy released
    Heat release rate
  35. High-rises must be braced by the wind in one or more way:
    • K-bracing
    • Portal-bracing
    • Tube Construction
    • Vierendeel trusses
  36. _____ loads - produce dangerously high stresses
    Lateral impact loads
  37. A structural member that transmits a compressive load along a straight path in the direction of the member
  38. The result of force exerted by a beam on a support
    Beam Reaction
  39. The distributing of loads along a beam
    Beam loading
  40. Oldest structural member
  41. When a beam is loaded it?
    Deflects or bends downward
  42. Deflection causes the top to ____so it is in ____. And the bottom ____ thus it is in ____.
    • top shortens so it is in compression
    • bottom elongates thus it is in tension
  43. beams transfer loads _____ to ____
    laterally to two supporting ends
  44. Simple beam
    Supported at two points
  45. Continuous beam
    Supported at 3 or more points
  46. a beam, often made of wood
  47. Fixed Beam
    Supported at 2 points and held rigidly in place
  48. Safety factor: Design load is
    Half of the tested load
  49. Safety factor of steel is
  50. A rod in tension
    Tie rod
  51. With the addition of of ___ concrete can withstand loads under tension
  52. A load can not be delivered to the ground in ___ must be ____
    not in tension. must be compressive
  54. Potential fuel available at a fire
    Fire load
  55. Q is expressed in terms of:
    watts, kilowatts, or megawatts
  56. Can carry a load that would require a larger compressive member
    Slender Missle Member
  57. A term meaning 1000lbs
  58. The result of forces applied to a structure
    stress and strain
  59. look up slender missile
  60. A series of closely spaced beams, carries heat loads
  61. A beam that spans the opening in a masonry wall
  62. Carries the load on the exterior of a framed building between the top of the window and the bottom of the window above
    Spandrel girder
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