Pharmacokinetics Final Exam 4

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  1. Serum Creatinine is a product of what?
    Creatine metabolism from muscle
  2. How is Creatinine eliminated?
    Primarily by glomerular filtration
  3. As SCr rises, what happens to the GFR and CrCl?
  4. (True/False) SCr concentration alone is enough to assess the level of kidney function.
  5. (True/False) SCr is influenced be a small number of variable.
    False, many factors weigh in
  6. Why is SCr not sufficient to evaluate kidney function?
    SCr varies with age, etc.
  7. (True/False) eCrCl and eGFR are direct measurement of Renal function.
    False, these equations are estimations
  8. What is a downfall to eCrCl and eGFR measurements?
    Typically validated in patients with STABLE/NORMAL kidney function
  9. Along with ____________, estimations of kidney function using eCrCl and eGFR can be used to guide drug dosing.
    Clinical judgment
  10. What is the most commonly used Creatinine Clearance estimation?
    Cockcroft & Gault
  11. What is the Cockcroft & Gault equation for men?
    CLcr = (140-Age) x kg / (Scr x 72)
  12. What is the Cockcroft & Gault equation for women?
    CLcr = 0.85 x [(140-Age) x kg / (Scr x 72)]
  13. What is a normal range for Creatinine Clearance for a Male?
    97 – 137 ml/min
  14. What is a normal range for Creatinine Clearance for a Female?
    88 – 128 ml/min
  15. What is a normal range for Creatinine Clearance for a Newborn (1 days old)?
    5 – 50 ml/min/1.73 m^2
  16. What is a normal range for Creatinine Clearance for a Newborn (6 days old)?
    15 – 90 ml/min/1.73 m^2
  17. What is the FDA classification of normal renal function based on eGFR or eCrCl?
    >90 ml/min
  18. Why do men have a slightly higher creatinine clearance?
    More muscle mass
  19. Was Cockroft-Gault originally measured in female patients?
  20. For exams in this class, you should use Adjusted BW or Actual body weight for the Cockcroft-Gault equation?
    Actual, unless the patient weighs >20% above IBW then use Adjusted BW (AdjBW)
  21. What is the IBW for men?
    50 kg + 2.3 (inches over 5 ft)
  22. What is the IBW for women?
    45.5 kg + 2.3 (inches over 5 ft tall)
  23. What is the Adjusted BW?
    [0.4 x (Actual BW – IBW)] +IBW
  24. Is it better to use actual SCr or round up to 1 mg/dL for elderly patients when estimating CrCl?
    Better to use Actual
  25. Why is it hypothesized a low elderly person’s SCr should be rounded up to 1mg/dL?
    Compensates for lower muscle mass in elderly (not accurate, don’t do)
  26. What do you need to know about a person to use the MDRD equation?
    SCr, Age, Race and Gender
  27. What is MDRD commonly used for?
    To get a general estimate of whether a patient is at risk for Kidney disease, etc.
  28. Why would a person have an individualized MDRD?
  29. How is eGFR individualized?
    Multiplied by BSA/1.73
  30. The Schwartz equation is used to estimate kidney finction in what group?
    <18 years
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