CP Psych First Quarterly

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  1. In-depth study of a single research participant.
    Case Study
  2. Group receiving treatment
    Experimental Group
  3. Group receiving no treatment
    Control Group
  4. What are the 7 perspectives of psychology
    • Psychoanalytic/Psycho-dynamic 
    • Behavioral
    • Humanist
    • Cognitive
    • Neuroscience/Bio-psychology
    • Evolutionary
    • Sociocultural
  5. What is the difference between M.D. and Ph.D?
    M.D. can prescribe mediciation
  6. Pleasure and Reward Center
    Tries to maintain homostasis
  7. What is Reward Deficiency Syndrome?
    Damage to the Hypothalamus. People do not feel happy like normal people do
  8. Transmits messages from one hemisphere to the other
    Corpus Callosum
  9. Chemical messengers that are secreted into the synapse are called...
  10. Goes on in the Axon of the Neuron and carries a message from the cell body to the terminal branches
    Action Potential/Neural Impulse
  11. When the brain repairs itself
  12. Junction where information transfers from neuron to neuron
  13. Is necessary for language reception/to answer back to something and is located in the left temporal lobe
    Wernicke's Area
  14. Is necessary for talking/speech and is located in the left frontal lobes
    Broca's Area
  15. What is the purpose of Biological Psychology
    To see how the brain really works
  16. An organism's awareness of its own self and surroundings
  17. Repeated interruption of breathing during sleep because air passages to the lungs are physically blocked
    Sleep Apnea
  18. Persistent problems in falling asleep, staying asleep, or awakening too early
  19. Biological changes that occur on a 24-hour cycl
    Circadian Rhythm
  20. Waves associated with drowsy relaxation
    Alpha Waves
  21. Slow, high-amplitude waves, which signify deeper levels of sleep
    Delta Waves
  22. Abrupt awakenings from NREM sleep accompanied by intense physiological arousal and feelings of panic
    Night Terrors
  23. According to Freud, a dream's surface content, which contains dream symbols that distort and disguise the dream's true meaning.
    Manifest Content
  24. The true, unconscious meaning of a dream, according to Freudian dream theory
    Latent Content
  25. 1st stage of prenatal development that begins with conception and ends with implantation in the uterus (first 2 weeks)
    Germinal Period
  26. 2nd stage of the prenatal development that begins after uterine implantation and lasts through the 8th week
    Embryonic Period
  27. The third, and final stage of prenatal development (8 weeks to birth), characterized by rapid weight gain in the fetus and the fine detailing of body organs and system
    Fetal Period
  28. Environmental agent that causes damage during prenatal development. Anything bad that the mother can do that can cause damage.
  29. When rubbing a baby's cheek and it turns its head and opens it's mouth in search of a nipple for food
    Rooting Reflex
  30. Piaget's 1st stage (0-2 years old) in which schemas are developed through sensory and motor activities
    Sensorimotor Stage
  31. Piaget's 2nd stage, (2-7 years) characterized by the ability to employ significant language and to think symbolically
    Preoperational Stage
  32. Piaget's 3rd stage (7-11 years). The child can perform mental operations on concrete objects and understand reversibility and conservation, but abstract thinking is not yet present
    Concrete Operational
  33. Piaget's 4th stage (11 years+) characterized by abstract and hypothetical thinking
    Formal Operational
  34. Understanding that certain physical characteristics (such as volume) remain unchanged, even when their outward appearance changes.
  35. Kubler-Ross' 5 Stages of Grief?
    • Denial
    • Anger
    • Bargaining
    • Depression
    • Acceptance
  36. Maslow’s theory that some motives must be met before going on the higher needs
    Hierarchy of Needs
  37. What is the best parenting style?
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