Walters Vocab 2

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  1. Seplucher
  2. Venerable
    impressive and worth of respect because of age
  3. Shroud
    a burial garment
  4. Pall
    a heavy garment draped over a coffin
  5. insensible
    very small or gradual
  6. seers
    ancient wise men or women
  7. Pensive
    deeply, often wistfully or dreamily thoughtful
  8. Menancholy
    afficited or marked by depressino of the spirits; gloomy
  9. curlew
    a type of larg bird often found along the shoreling
  10. holster
    a person who takes care of horses
  11. Efface
    V- to wear away, to wipe out
  12. Steed
    N- A horse, especialy a spirited one
  13. Noncomformist
    N- One who does not follow generally accepted beliefs, customs, or practices
  14. Predominating
    V. Being predomiant, or aving a cotolling influence
  15. immortal palms
    everlasting triumph and honor
  16. Sufferage
    N. Approval, Support
  17. Hobgoblin
    N. a source of fear or dread
  18. aversion
    N. a storng dislike
  19. bestow
    v. to present as a gift or an honr
  20. slough
    N. the sking of a snake
  21. connate
    Adj. existinog from birth, inmorn or inherent
  22. Occult
    adj. secret or hidden from view.
  23. decorum
    n. Good tast in appearance
  24. calamity
    n. an event taht brings terrible loss, lsting destress, or severe affilctoin, a disaster
  25. Temperance
    N. moderation or self- restaint
  26. evitable
    Adj. avoidable
  27. superfluous
    Adj. being beyond what is required or sufficienat
  28. sojourner
    N. one who stays as a temporary resident
  29. Shanty
    N. a crudely built caning or hut
  30. Encumbrance
    N. a claim against property
  31. Semblance
    n. outward aspect or appearance
  32. ingress
    N. entry
  33. egress
    N. exit
  34. impede
    V. to interfere with or slow the progress of
  35. disconcert
    • V. to throw int a state of self-conscious distress, to embarass,
    • N. period of embarrassment or confusion
  36. Cessation
    N. point at which something ceases
  37. Disapprobation
    N. disapproval
  38. propriety
    M. the quality of bing proper, appropriateness
  39. Blasphemous
    Adj. disreapectful or offensive
  40. Pestilence
    N. a contagious or infectious epidemic disease that is devastating.
  41. Sagacious
    Adj. wise
  42. Eccentric
    Adj. deviatinog form what is ordinar, usual, or to be expected.
  43. August
    Adj. large and impressive in size or schope, grand or majestic
  44. improvisatori
    N. poets who compose werses aloud
  45. reverie
    N. Daydream
  46. Tremulousness
  47. N. Characterized by or affected with trembling or tremors.
  48. Decora
    N. fine things
  49. Piquancy
    N. the state of bing engagingly stimulaiting
  50. phantasm
  51. N. and idea or image presnt in the mind byt having no physical reality.
  52. Habiliments
    N. Clothing
  53. impetuosity
    N. the quality of being abrupt
  54. obeisance
    N. respect or esteem shown to someone
  55. Mien
    N. the way in which a peson shoes his personality, one's demenaor
  56. Craven
    Adj. cowardly
  57. Censer
    N. a container in which incense is burned
  58. respite
    N. a short period of rest
  59. Quaff
    V. to drink, to sip
  60. morrow
    N. the next day
  61. Surcease
    V. to stop or cease form action
  62. Lattice
    N. a framework or structure of crossed wood or metal strips
  63. Beguiling
    adj. Misleading or deceiveing
  64. placid
    Ads. caml and peaceful
  65. Pallid
    Adj. pale colorless
  66. Huzza
    N. a cheer or a shout of acclaim
  67. Tarpaulins
    N. one engaged in sailing or the handing of a ship
  68. fan-tail
    N. a foan shaped tail or end
  69. parmacety
    N a sperm whale
  70. Dismast
    • V. To remove or break off the mast of, dismasted
    • Adj. describes both Ahab, missing his leg, and his boat, missing the mast.
  71. Maelstrom
    N. a swirling mass, epecially of water.
  72. Perditions
    N. utter destruction
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