Pharmacokinetics Final Exam 5

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  1. What is Pharmacogenomics?
    The study of genetic factors that describe the way in which a person responds to a medication
  2. Pharmacogenomics effects Pharmacokinetics or Pharmacodynamics?
  3. Describe a genetic Addition:
    Insertion of bases
  4. Describe genetic deletions:
    removal of bases
  5. Describe genetic duplication:
    Entire gene is repeated
  6. Describe genetic splicing variant:
    Such as coding regions expressed in the wrong location or wrong position, duplicated sections, forming abnormal protein products
  7. Describe genetic Frame shifts:
    Start point is altered, like 1 base over, etc.
  8. What effect does a frame shift have on the protein product?
    Failure to produce a useful protein, complete breakdown of system
  9. How does Duplication effect pharmacokinetics?
    Overproduction of protein product can effects metabolism, etc.
  10. What is the most common cause of genetic variation causing pharmacokinetic variation?
    Single Nucleotide polymorphisms
  11. What is the most prevalent drug metabolism enzymes?
  12. (True/False) A genetic change to CYP2C9 and CYP3A4 will have little effect on drug metabolism.
  13. (True/False) A genetic change conjugating reaction will have little effect on drug metabolism.
  14. What is a poor metabolizer?
    A patient with Slower than normal metabolism
  15. A CYP enzyme has a *# following the name, what does this mean (for this class)?
    It is a unique variation of the enzyme that has been identified and explained
  16. Would CYP2D6*8 be better than CYP2D6*9?
    No relevance, the number only identifies the order in which they were discovered
  17. What does the ā€œnā€ mean in CYP2D6*2xn?
    The number of copies of the gene that are being expressed
  18. CYP2D6*4 is created by what type of genetic change?
  19. What is the effect of having a CYP2D6*4 isoform?
    Inactive enzyme
  20. What does T107I mean?
    Tyrosine hs been switched for Isoleucine at residue site 107
  21. CYP2D6*17 has three amino acid variations from the normal enzyme, what change to the enzyme does this impart?
    Changes the affinity for substrates, each substrate is different some may have great affinity, other may not
  22. What is tardive dyskinesia?
    Awkward movements
  23. Are all genetic variations on metabolizing enzymes bad?
    No, can be good
  24. What is the most common protein to have SNPs in the coding region?
  25. How many distinct SNPs does CYP2D6 have?
  26. Pharmacogenomics can effect what aspects of Pharmacokinetics?
    Any, ADME
  27. What is Steven Johnson syndrome?
    A rash that kills you by fluffing of skin
  28. What is associated with Steven Johnson syndrome?
    Carbamazepine use in patients with HLA-B*1502
  29. V in pharmacogenomics refers to what?
    Variant allele
  30. What is the effect of having varied alleles and multiple genes controlling a single pharmacokinetic parameter of a drug?
    You could have wide variation in response, efficacy and toxicity
  31. How is codeine metabolized into morphine?
  32. Codeine is an inactive prodrug?
  33. What percent of codeine is bioactivated into morphine?
  34. What are the four groups of metabolizers for CYP2D6?
    PM, IM, EM, UM
  35. What percent of patients are CYP2D6 PM and will have no benefit from codeine?
  36. What percent of patients are CYP2D6 IM and will have low benefit from codeine?
  37. What percent of patients are CYP2D6 EM and will have normal benefit from codeine?
  38. What percent of patients are CYP2D6 UM and will have a strong benefit from codeine?
  39. What genotype would a patient with CYP2D6 PM Metabolism have?
    2 non-functional alleles
  40. What genotype would a patient with CYP2D6 IM Metabolism have?
    1 reduced function and one non-functional allele
  41. What genotype would a patient with CYP2D6 EM Metabolism have?
    2 functional or reduced function alleles, 1 functional with a non-functional or reduced function allele
  42. What genotype would a patient with CYP2D6 UM Metabolism have?
    More than 2 functional alleles
  43. (True/False) Morphine concentrations in EM and UM patients receiving codeine are fairly constant with their group and do not overlap.
    False, they are variable and do overlap
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