ADR exam 2

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  1. What are the drugs associated with oxidative hemolysis (7 drugs mentioned in the class and 4 for self notes)
    • Mentioned in class:
    • Ascorbic acid- wk
    • Chloramphenicol(Chloromycetin)
    • Phynazopyridine (pyridium)- strong; 
    • Nitrofurantoin- mixed
    • NSAIDS/ Aspirin - wk
    • Co-trimoxazole (Bactrim)- strong 
    • Fava beans 
    • -------------------------------
    • self : dapsone, dimercaprol, methylene blue, premaquine
  2. Abciximab
    • monoclonal antibody used after PCI, ACS
    • cause immune mediated thrombocytopenia (antibody related)
    • very rapid, absolute profound (10-20k )quick (w/t 24 hours) platelet decrease
  3. B-lactams 
    Thrombocytopenia (drug attach to platelet), neutropenia(WBC), hemolytic anemia (attach to RBC)Gell coombs type 2 ; IgG; cytotoxic rxn
  4. Quinidine/ Quinine(qualaquin)
    • antiarrythmic Ia/ antimalarial
    • - immune mediated thrombocytopenia 
    • ex) tonic water (quinine contain)- nondrug source of thrombocytopenia
    • immune complex (innocent bystander) hemolytic anemia (IgG, IgM, rapid, profound)
  5. Linezolid  (brand?)
    • - Zyvox; G (+) resistance (VRE, MRSA,etc)
    • - Thrombocytopenia- platelet count monitoring required!!(full actue myelosupression including platelet, RBC, granulocyte all affected)
    • - occur 7-10days (when you wanna to CBC monitoring!

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