Final Micro Lab Enterotube review and practice

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  1. The first 4 chambers were ______ and contained _______?
    • Sealed and Anaerobic reaction
    • (Anaerobic = Without oxygen)
  2. Anaerobic=
    Without Air
  3. Aerobic=
    Without Oxygen
  4. The last 8 chambers contain a ______ window covered with _______. We used the ___________________ tip to puncture the plastic allowing ____ to enter chambers.
    1. Window

    2. Plastic

    3. Broken off loop

    4. Air
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    The Glu/Gas chamber, Which is chamber #____, Must have a positive reaction change in _____ or test is _______.
    1. 1

    2. Color

    3. useless.
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    This test is to test for ____________(     ) and ALL have a positive reaction in chamber #1.
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    The first 3 chambers have a ____ layer to show if is ___ produced.
    1. Wax

    2. Gas
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    Gas production is?

    Sometimes the gas bubbles appear at the ______ depending on the position of the tube during incubation.
    1. The pressure of the gas caused the was to separate from the agar.

    2. Bottom
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    H2S/ID is the _____ chamber.

    Liquid _______ is injected.

    "Assume" indole test positive or "Assume" negative?
    1. Indole

    2. Indole

    3. This Indole test shows a positive result, Red color liquid
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