Section 2 - PC Technician

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  1. Most computer parts use this type of fastener
    Phillips head screws
  2. What tool do you use to add/remove chips
    IC (integrated circuit) insertion/extraction tool
  3. What does a cable tester tell you
    If network can carry signals and that wires are in correct position
  4. What do you use to trace cables through walls or ceiling
    tone generator (aka toner) & probe
  5. Describe a loopback plug
    directs signal from transmit port to receive port on same device to verify device can send and receive
  6. What is POST card
    expansion board that is inserted into expansion slot to troubleshoot computer that doesn't startup correctly; displays output from BIOS during POST (power-on self-test)
  7. What is ideal temp. for computers
  8. What is ideal humidity for computers
  9. Describe positive pressure HVAC system
    causes air to be forced out through doors, windows, and other openings (as opposed to negative pressure system, which sucks air into openings)
  10. Describe EMI
    electromagnetic interference affects wired networks; caused by motors, heavy machinery, florescent lights
  11. how can you reduce/prevent EMI
    use shielded twisted pair or fiber optic cables
  12. Describe RFI
    Radio frequency interference affects wireless networks; caused by nearby wireless devices on the same frequency (e.g. cordless phones, microwaves, etc.)
  13. How can you reduce/prevent RFI
    801.11b & 801.11g use 2.4GHz, which is most susceptible to interference; use 5.75GHz for your network or a different channel for your devices
  14. what devices are affected by magnetic fields
    floppy drives, hard drives, tape storage, CRT monitors
  15. where are magnets found
    CRT monitors, speakers, motors, generators
  16. What devices are not affected by magnets
    solid state drives (RAM, flash) are not affected
  17. How do you clean inside computer
    compressed air, nonstatic vacuum, natural bristle paintbrush
  18. how do you clean electrical connectors
    denatured alcohol
  19. how do you clean CRT monitor
    glass cleaner
  20. how do you clean LCD monitor
    lintfree cloth and/or isopropyl alcohol
  21. how do you clean inkjet printer
    printer's cleaning function
  22. how do you clean laser printer
    antistatic vacuum
  23. what is power surge
    overvoltage lasting seconds
  24. what is power spike
    overvoltage lasting miliseconds
  25. what is power sag
    undervoltage lasting miliseconds
  26. what is brownout
    undervoltage lasting seconds
  27. what is blackout
    total power failure
  28. what does a surge protector do
    protects against overvoltages; can also be destroyed by overvoltages
  29. what does line conditioner do
    modifies signal to remove noise and create smooth AC signal
  30. what does SPS do
    Standby power supply - when undervoltage occurs, will switch over to provide power; if switch over not fast enough computer will lose power
  31. What is UPS
    uninterruptible power supply
  32. describe difference between online UPS and offline UPS
    online supplies constant power from battery; offline powers from wall and switches when power fails
  33. how do you choose the proper UPS
    size is measured by volt amp (VA) rating; choose enough power to safely shutdown computer; UPSs cannot support laser printers; some can also condition line and handle spikes & sags; most have alarm that beeps when power is out
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