Level G Vocab: Unit 9

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  1. Acclamation
    (n) A shout of welcome; an overwhelming verbal vote of approval
  2. Bucolic
    (adj) Characteristic of the countryside, rural; relating to shepherds, cowherds, pastoral
  3. Calumniate
    (v) To slander, accuse falsely and maliciously
  4. Chary
    (adj) Extremely cautious, hesitant, slow; reserved, diffident
  5. Collusion
    (n) A secret agreement or cooperation
  6. Dilettante
    • (n) a dabbler in the arts; one who engages in activity in an amateurish way
    • (adj) superficial
  7. Imperturbable
    (adj) Not easily excited, calm, doesn't get annoyed or upset easily
  8. Increment
    (n) Building up in little steps; enlargement; increase, addition
  9. Mandate
    • (n) An authoritative command, a formal order; authorization
    • (v) to issue such an order
  10. Paltry
    (adj) Insignificant, measly; mean, despicable; inferior, trashy
  11. Paroxysm
    (n) A sudden outburst, a spasm, a fit, a seizure
  12. Pedantry
    (n) A pretentious display of knowledge, overly rigid attention to rules and details
  13. Peregrination
    (n) The act of traveling, a journey; especially on foot or to a foreign country
  14. Redolent
    (adj) Fragrant, tending to arouse memories or create an aura
  15. Refulgent
    (adj) Shining, radiant
  16. Shibboleth
    (n) A word, expression, or custom that distinguishes a particular group of persons from all other; a commonplace saying or truism
  17. Tyro
    (n) beginner, noivce
  18. Unremitting
    (adj) Not stopping, never letting up
  19. Vacillate
    (v)To swing from one idea/action to another; to waver weakly in mind or will
  20. Vituperative
    (adj) Harshly abusive, severely scolding
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