unit 3 test review

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  1. What are the 4 major organic molecules?
    • Lipids
    • Carbs
    • Proteins
    • Nucliec Acids
  2. What are the building blocks on nucleic acids?
  3. What are the building blocks of lipids?
    glycerol/fatty acids
  4. What are the building blocks of carbs?
    simple sugars
  5. What are the building blocks of proteins?
    amino acids
  6. List the biological organization from cell organelle to organisn
    organelle > cell > tissue > organ > organ system > organism
  7. Define diffusion and active transport
    • diffusion - high > low concentration (no energy required)
    • active transport - low > high concentration (requires ATP)
  8. What is the human body system that is responsible for transporting materials throughout the body?
    circulatory system
  9. What is the function of plasma?
    gas transport
  10. What is the function of red blood cells?
    carries oxygen & carbon dioxide
  11. What is the function of white blood cells?
    to fight foreign invaders
  12. What is the function of platelets?
    to clot blood
  13. mitochondria
    power house of cell, produces atp by cellular respiration
  14. nucleus
    control center of cell
  15. cell membrane
    protects and allows things to pass through
  16. ribosomes
    site of protein synthesis
  17. cell wall
    protective barrier, found only in plant cells
  18. vacuole
  19. chloroplast
    found only in plant cells, site of food production by photo synthesis
  20. What are only found in plant cells, and not in animal cells?
    chloroplast, cell wall, and large vacuole
  21. What is the optimal temperature?
    The temperature in which enzymes work best in
  22. What is denaturation?
    When an enzymes shape changes and cannot be used anymore
  23. lungs in animals
    bring oxygen in and carbon dioxide out
  24. stomata in plants
    takes in carbon dixode and removes oxygen
  25. lysosomes in cell
    digest and break down enzyme
  26. vacuoles
  27. circulatory system
    transport materials
  28. digestive system in plants
    break down material
  29. kidneys
    maintains water balance
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