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  1. alveol/o
    • small, hollow air sac
    • ex. alveolus: pertaining to a small air sac in the lungs
  2. anthrac/o
    • coal
    • ex. anthracosis: lung condition caused by inhalation of coal dust and silica (black lung)
  3. atel/o
    • imperfect
    • ex. atelectasis: imperfect dilation' the partial collapse of a segment of alveolus decreasing the surface area available for O2 & CO2
  4. bronch/i - bronch/o
    • bronchi
    • ex. bronchiectasis: chronic dilation of a bronchus of bronchi, with a secondary infection that ususallu involves the lower portion of a lung
  5. bronchiol/o
  6. con/i
  7. halat/o
    • breathe
    • ex. inhalation: process of breathing in
  8. lob/o
    • lobe
    • ex. lobectomy: surgical excision of a lobe
  9. olfact/o
    • smell
    • ex. olfaction: process of smelling
    • ex. olfactory: pertaining to smell
  10. orth/o
    • straight
    • ex. orthopnea: inability to breathe unless in an upright or straight position
  11. pleur/o
  12. -ptysis
    • to spit
    • ex. hemoptysis: spitting up blood
  13. -pnea
    • breathing
    • ex. apnea: lack of breathing
  14. sphyx
    • pulse
    • ex. asphyxia: condition lack of pulse
  15. pneum/o
    • air
    • ex. pneumoconiosis: abnormal condition of the lung caused by inhalation of dust particles
  16. pneumon/o - pulmon/o
    • lung
    • ex. pneumonia: inflammation of the lung caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or chemicals
    • ex. pneumonitis: inflammation of the lung
  17. -ectomy
    surgical excision
  18. -scope
    instrument for examing
  19. py/o
    • pus
    • ex. pyothorax: pus in the chest cavity
  20. rhin/o
    • nose
    • ex. rhinorrea: discharge from the nose
  21. rhonch/o
    • snore
    • ex. rhonchus: pertaining to snoring; rale or rattling sound in the throat or bronchial tubes caused by partial obstruction
  22. sarc/o
    • flesh
    • ex. sarcoidosis: chronic granulomatous condition that can involve almost any organ system
  23. spir/o
    • breath
    • ex. spirometer: medical instrument used to measure lung volume during inhale/exhale
  24. tubercul/o
    • a little swelling
    • ex. tuberculosis (TB): infectious disease caused by the tubercle bacillus
  25. -or
    a doer
  26. AFB
    acid-fast bacilli
  27. ARD
    acute respiratory diseas
  28. ARDS
    adult respiratory diress
  29. AIDS
    acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
  30. CF
    cystic fibrosis
  31. COLD
    chronic obstructive lung disease
  32. COPD
    chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  33. CXR
    chest x ray
  34. ENT
    ear, nose, throat (otorhinnolaryngology)
  35. ET
  36. HIV
    human immunodeficiency virus
  37. IRDS
    infant respiratory distress syndrome
  38. PND
    postnasal drip
  39. RDS
    respiratory distress syndrome
  40. SARS
    severe acute respiratory syndrome
  41. SIDS
    sudden infant death syndrome
  42. T & A
    tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
  43. TLC
    total lung capacity
  44. TV
    tidal volume
  45. URI
    upper respiratory infection
  46. VC
    vital capacity
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