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  1. List three Apple devices that use this iOS.
    Iphone, ipad, ipad touch
  2. What is one disadvantage to users when using an open-source operating system on a mobile device?
    No assurance of quality/bugfree apps, many versions of android exist, creating incompatibilities, developers not always assured of a convenient market for their apps
  3. Who is the sole distributor of apps for the iOS?
  4. What company provides and overseas the Android marketplace? What is the web site of this marketplace?
  5. What are the last three releases of the Android OS in number and in name?
    • Kitkat 4.4
    • Jelly bean 4.1-4.3
    • Ice cream sandwich 4.0.x
    • Honeycomb 3.x
  6. What is the symbol or icon that represents an Apple product? What is the symbol or icon that represents Android?
    Apple with a bite in it, green android
  7. Which programming language is used to write most Android apps? Apple requires that iOS apps be written in one of which three programming languages?
    Java; Objective –C,C, or C++ programming language
  8. How can you configure a mobile device so it cannot connect to any network?
    Airplane mode
  9. Which mobile device OS supports SD card and USB port, iOS or Android?
  10. Which type of network connections requires that two devices pair before the connection is completed?
  11. Which email protocol downloads email to be managed on the client machine? Manages email on the server?
    • Client machine uses the POP protocol to manage email & to
    • Manage email on server, the IMAP protocol is used
  12. Which security protocol is used to encrypt email?
  13. Which email protocol uses port 110? 143? 993? 995?
    • 110- POP unless secured (using SSL) & then it’s port 995
    • 143- IMAP unless secured (using SSL) & then it’s port 993
  14. What software must be installed on your computer before you can upgrade the version of iOS on your mobile phone?
    iTunes software
  15. Steps to configure an iPhone so it can be located if it is lost?
    Steps: Tap Settings, iCloud, Find My iPhone
  16. How many failed logins on an iPad must happen before the device is locked?
  17. List the steps to update the Android OS on a smartphone.
    Go to Settings App and tap About phone, (in About screen) tap System updates. The device then turns to the manufacture’s web site for info & reports updates avail. Follow the directions on-screen to install these updates.
  18. What are the three methods you can use on an Android to lock the screen? Which method is the most secure?
    Pattern, pin, password Pattern is most secured
  19. List 2 types of hypervisors & describe their fundamental differences.
    • Type 1-install on computer before any OS; it partitions the hardware computing power into multiple VMs. An OS is installed in each, which is added security (since ea. OS is isolated from each other, in the event one becomes infected)
    • Type 2-installs on host OS as an app, not as powerful as Type 1; because it is dependent on the host OS to allot it’s computing power; not as secure/fast as Type 1 (typically used on desktops/laptops when security not significant)
  20. Which email server uses ActiveSync to sync all email, contacts, & calendar updates on the server & client machines, including, mobile devices?
    Microsoft Exchange
  21. In question 22, what Microsoft software can be used to create this environment?
    Microsoft’s Application Virtualization (App-V)
  22. Which type of client-side virtualization creates a virtual environment in memory for an application to run on a client machine?
    application virtualization
  23. When you attempt to set up an email account on an Android device using the automatic configuration feature and the setup fails, what do you do next?
    Try again with Automatically configure an account unchecked, then manually configure account
  24. Which procedure is the least intrusive solution to a problem with the iOS, to reset an iOS device or to restore an iOS device?
    Reset an iOS device
  25. What are the 3 main ways to secure a VM?
    • Secure VM within VM configure Windows firewall, keep Windows updates current, install & run antivirus software & perform other security chores .
    • Isolate VMs to keep infected VMs from spreading . Secure permissions to files that hold VMs .
    • Move Vms from one computer to another by moving files (containing VM) – secure files with permissions allowing access only to specific local/network users.
  26. What is the difference between closed-source and open-source software?
    • Open source- source code for the OS that is free & anyone can modify & redistribute the source code.
    • Closed source- source code for the OS that is licensed under exclusive legal right of the copyright holder with intent the licensee is given the right to use the software only under certain conditions & restricted from other uses, such as modification, sharing, or redistribution.
  27. Is Android open-source or closed-source? Is iOS open-source or closed source?
    Open source, closed source
  28. When you first purchase an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, what do you have to do before you can use it? How do you do it? (Note that there are two answers to the second question. One answer applies only to iPhone 5 and later, and the other answer applies to all iOS devices.)
    Activate it by connecting it to a computer that has iTunes installed. iPhone5 is capable of activating itself (You have to set up an Apple ID/user acct using a valid e-mail address & password & assoc. w/credit card #)
  29. Which type of cellular network uses SIM cards--GSM or CDMA? What is the purpose of a SIM card?
    GSM- to hold data about the subscription the user has with their cellular carrier
  30. How do capacitive touch screens detect your touch? How do resistive touch screens detect your touch?
    • capacitive touch- it uses the electrodes that sense the conductive properties of your skin
    • resistive touch- has two sheets of glass that are kept from touching by spacers between them. When pressure is applied, the top glass bends & touches the lower glass
  31. What functions are provided by iTunes for iOS devices?
    Downloads latest updates, to sync data & patches (apps & content), downloads music & apps
  32. What Microsoft product is a server application that can handle corporate email, contacts, and calendars?
    Microsoft Exchange
  33. What are some common uses of virtual machines with Type 2 hypervisors?
    developers use to test apps; help desk techs use to easily switch from 1 OS to another when user asks for help on particular AOS. Honeypots are single computer/network of computers that lure hackers to them as to protect the real network. Administrators use them to monitor for unauthorized activity
  34. What are typical hardware requirements for a hypervisor?
    Motherboard BIOS & process should support Hardware-assisted virtualization (HAV) VHD can be configured to be fixed size/dynamically expanding. Processor& memory use dual core processor/ better System needs a lot of memory when running VS (from time VM is opened until its closed)
  35. The Android OS is based on what OS? iOS is based on what OS?
    • Android- Linux
    • iOS- Mac OS X
  36. How are mobile OSes initially installed? How are they updated?
    • Initially installed @ the factory (on firmware) before OS version 5 – must be connected to iTunes, which can happen automaticaaly when device is connected
    • iOS version - updates can be requested by tapping Settings, General, Software, Update
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