Internet & WWW Ch2

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  1. What is HTML5? more than the acronym
    HTML5 is a markup language specifying the structure and content of documents displayed in web browsers.
  2. What HTML tag MUST every web page start with?
  3. What is achieved by starting a webpage with the type declaration <!DOCTYPE> ?
    The document type declaration (DOCTYPE)  is required in HTML5 documents so browsers render the page in standards mode, according to the HTML and CSS specifications. Some browsers operate in quirks mode to maintain backward compatibility with web pages that are not up-to-date with the latest standards.
  4. How does the strong element alter text?
    It causes the browser to render text in a bold font
  5. What is the code for creating a link?
    Define the parts of the code.
    • <a href = "">text</a>
    • Links created using the anchor element <a>
    • The href (hypertext reference) attribute specifies the location of a linked resource such as a web pace, file, or an email.
  6. What is the code to create a link to an email address?
    <a href = "">
  7. What is the code to display an image?
    What should always be specified when displaying an image?
    <img src = "photo.png" width = "92" height = "120">

    The height and the width of the picture.  It helps the page to load faster because it knows how much space to put aside when loading other content into the page.
  8. What MUST always be specified when using an image?  Why?
    • the alt attribute.
    • If the browser is unable to display the image, the alt text is displayed instead.
  9. element, attribute or value?
    • img - element
    • src - attribute
    • alt - attribute
  10. Name 3 characteristics of VOID HTML5 elements.
    • They contain only attributes (ex. img)
    • They do not mark up text
    • They do not have a closing tag
  11. What does a table's caption element do?
    The text inside the <caption> tag is rendered above the table and should provide a brief description of the table.
  12. What are the three parts of a table?
    • Head
    • Body
    • Foot
  13. What is the code break down for a basic table, 1 row, 1 column, 1 header, and 1 footer?
    • <table> 
    •  <caption> 
    •   <thead>  
    •    <tr>   
    •     <th></th>  
    •    </tr> 
    •   </thead> 
    •  <tbody>  
    •   <tr>   
    •    <td></td>  
    •   </tr> 
    •  </tbody> 
    •  <tfoot> 
    •   <tr>  
    •    <th></th> 
    •   </tr> 
    •  </tfoot>
    • </table>
  14. Which attributes are used to create larger data cells in a table?
    • rowspan
    • colspan
    • and specify the number of rows you need the cell to span. For columns, width is measured in total number of characters.
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