3.42a peds emergencies.

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  1. immediate danger with hydrocarbon ingestion is _____?
  2. what does low dose lead exposure look like?
    distracted, impulsive, hyperactive, hearing impaired
  3. what does a high dose lead exposure look like?
    mental retardation, blindness, paralysis, coma, seziures, death.
  4. what test do you use to check the status of lungs after near-drowning?
    chest radiograph
  5. what is the intervention for tylenol toxicity?
  6. what is the intervention for aspirin OD?
    • activated charcoal. 
    • vit K
    • sodium bicarbonate
  7. we do not attempt to neutralize corrosives. just airway maintenance and analgesics for pain.
  8. when ingested gas or kerosine or lighter fluid or whatever, we do not induce vomiting. prepare for cuffed endotracheal tube prior to gastric decontamination
  9. intervention for lead OD?
    chelation therapy with calcium EDTA
  10. contact the Poison Control Center before taking any action other than maintaining airway.
  11. what is the intervention for iron poisoning?
    chelation with deferozamine
  12. what does tylenol poisoning look like?
    liver damage without tx
  13. what does aspirin OD look like?
    N/V, ringing in ears, lighthead
  14. what does a corrosive substance OD look like
    swelling lips, cough up blood (hemoptysis), drooling
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