Ch 17 & 18 test

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  1. trade in Java in what is not Indonesia was controlled by this nation
  2. These steps are the first stage of contact with the rest of the world.
    Exploration, conquest, and settlement or commercial exploration.
  3. The 19th century carving of new empires saw new European settlement in this region.
    Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, or Algiria
  4. These two were the main rivals during the era of colonization.
    Great Britain, France, and Spain
  5. Under this economic system colonies existed to provide markets and materials for the home country was to protect and administer the colonies.
  6. These two people were the most important influences on Enlightenment thought
    Isaac Newton and John Locke
  7. This author of On Crimes and Punishment applied critical analysis to the problem of making punishments both effect and just
  8. An expanding, literate public and growing influences of secular printed materials created the new social force
    public opinion
  9. These people believed in an afterlife dependent of the existence of a national God and on one's earthly actions.
  10. Written by this author, letters on the English praised the virtues of the English and implicitly criticize the abuse of French society
  11. The ever growing demands for this 17 an 18th century expanded slave trade
  12. This ruler's greatest achievement was the preservation of the Hapsburg empire as a major political power.
    Maria Theresa
  13. Prussia retained Sileasia in this 1748 treaty
    Treaty of Aixx la Chappelle
  14. At the conclusion of the conflict Britian faced the cost of maintaining a newly enlarged North American empire.
    French-Indian War; Seven Years war
  15. These British laws allowed troops to be quartered in private homes, reorganized the government...
    Intolerable Acts
  16. This author argued that humanity would not achieve true moral progress without women education
  17. Most philosophers favored this form of government
  18. These painting of public life and public morals were didactic rather than emotional
  19. This style of art utilizes lavish, often lighthearted decoration with an emphasis on pastel color and the play of light
  20. Monarchs such as Joseph II and Catherine II made enlightened reforms as part of their drive to do this
  21. Saint Laurence River Valley and the Ohio River valley were part of this European nation's colonial empire
  22. This term refers to a person born in Spain who went to work in the New World
  23. This was the destination for the first slaves traded in the transatlantic economy
    West Indies and South America
  24. As they arrived in teh Americas, Africans destined for slavery went through this process
  25. This war was fought by England to block invasions on British trade by Spain
    War of Jenkins Ear
  26. According to Ethics, the most famous of his works, this man closely identified God and Nature an idea for which his contemporaries condemned him
  27. This book secularized learning and spread Enlightenment ideas throughout Europe
  28. This person believed that a country's particular characteristics determined what kind of government would be beneficial
  29. As a proponent of laissez faire economics this person advocated the ending of England mercantile system
    Adam Smith
  30. This author envision a society in which individuals maintained personal freedoms whil participating as loyal members of the community
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