nervous system

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  1. neurons
    transmit impulses
  2. cell body
    enlarged structure of neuron
  3. nervous system structure
    • brain
    • spinal cord
    • cranial nerves
    • spinal nerves
  4. nervous system cellular structure
    • neurons
    • neuroglia
  5. afferent neurons
    carry impulses towards brain
  6. efferent neurons
    carry impulses AWAY from brain/spinal cord
  7. neuroglia
    cells that support neurons and bind them
  8. 3 structures of neurons
    • cell body
    • dendrites
    • axons
  9. central nervous system
    consists of brain and spinal cord
  10. brain
    largest organ in body
  11. cerebrum
    • largest and most upper of brain
    • 2 hemispheres
  12. 5 lobes of cerebrum hemisphere
    • frontal
    • parietal
    • temporal
    • occipital
    • insula
  13. gyri
    folds or convolutions
  14. cerebellum
    • second largest structure of brain
    • occupies posterior portion of skull
    • includes movement, posture and balance
    • aids in maintaining equilibrium and balance
  15. diencephal (AKA interbrain)
    composed of smaller structures including thalamus and hypothalamus
  16. thalamus
    receives stimuli sensory and transmits them
  17. hypothalamus
    regulates activities including impulses that regulate heartbeat, temp, fluid balance, and endocrine functions
  18. brainstem
    • pathway for impulse conduction b/w brain and spinal cord
    • controls respirations, BP, and heart rate
  19. 3 structures composed in brainstem
    • midbrain
    • medulla
    • pons
  20. meninges
    protect brain and spinal cord
  21. spinal cord
    transmits sensory impulses from body to brain
  22. 3 coverings of meninges
    • dura mater (outermost)
    • arachnoid (middle covering
    • pia mater (innermost)
  23. cranial nerves
    originate in base of brain and emerge through openings
  24. spinal nerves
    emerge from intervertebral spaces in spinal column
  25. radiculopathy
    inflammation of nerve root associated with spinal column
  26. cerebrovascular disease
    functional abnormality of the cerebrum caused by disorders of blood vessels of brain
  27. seizure disorders
    sudden changes in behavior or consciousness related to uncontrolled electrical brain activity
  28. Parkinson disease
    progressive neurological disorder, effecting portion of brain that controls movement
  29. MS
    progressive, degenerate disease of central nervous system- inflammation, hardening, loss of myelin
  30. Alzheimer disease
    progressive neurological disorder that causes memory loss and mental deterioration
  31. psychosis
    severe loss of contact with reality
  32. neurosis
    caused by emotional experience in past
  33. affective disorder
    abnormal mood
  34. anorexia nervosa
    eating disorder
  35. anxiety
    excessive worry
  36. ADHD
    impulsiveness, cant remain focused
  37. bipolar
    unusual shifts in mood
  38. panic attack
  39. primary intracranial tumor
    originate in brain tissue
  40. anesthetics
    partial or complete loss of sensation
  41. anticonvulsant
    prevent uncontrolled neuron activity
  42. antiparkinsonian
    control tremors
  43. antipsychotics
    treat psychosis, paranoia - alters chemicals in brain
  44. antidepressants
    treats depression- increases neurotransmitter
  45. hypnotics
    depress CNS functions - relieve agitation, anxiousness, restlessness,
  46. psychostimulants
    reduce impulsiveness increases neurotransmitters
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