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  1. epimysium
    connective tissue that covers the entire muscle
  2. fascicle
    bundle of muscle fibers surrounded by perimysium
  3. perimysium
    surrounds the fascicle
  4. endomysium
    connective tissue that surrounds each individual muscle fiber
  5. fascia
    sheet or broad band of fibrous connective tissue beneath the skin or around muscles and other organs of the body
  6. superficial fascia or subcutaneous layer
    right under the skin
  7. deep fascia
    connective tissue that lines the body wall and covers the surface of the muscle
  8. tendons
    dense connective tissues that atach muscles to the periosteam to bone or muscle to muscle
  9. aponeurosis
    broud flat tendons
  10. tendon sheath
    like a tube of connective tissue lines with the synovial membrane
  11. fibers
    elongated and cylindrical the cells are multinucleated
  12. myofibrils
    parallel trheadlike srtuctures through the fibers
  13. 3 kinds of muscles
    • skeletal
    • smooth
    • cardiac
  14. skeletal muscles attach
    must atach at least 2 places

    2 points of attacment are called

    • ORIGIN-stationary pion and
    • INSERTION- more mobile
  15. grouping -usually occures in groups

    1.agonist   2.antagonist   3. synergist
    1. muscle that causes the desire action =biceps brachii

    2. causes the opposite of the desired action =triceps brachii

    3. assist the agonist and help redused undesired action=deltiod,pectoralis
  16. rectus
    parallel to the midline
  17. transverse
    perpendicular to the midline
  18. oblique
    diagnal too the midline
  19. maximus
  20. minimus
  21. brevis
  22. longus
  23. biceps
  24. triceps
  25. quadraceps
  26. deltiod
    triangle shape
  27. trapezius
    V= shaped on the back
  28. flexor
    bends at the joint
  29. extensor
    straintens at the joint
  30. abductor
    move away from the midline
  31. adductor
    bring back
  32. levator
    raise a body part
  33. depessor
    lower body part
  34. supinator
    palms up
  35. pronator
    palms down
  36. dorsiflexor
    bends foot at ankle
  37. plantar flexor
    extention of the foot = tip toe
  38. invertor
    turn sole inward at the ankle
  39. evertor
    turn sole outward
  40. sphincter
    decrease the size of an opening
  41. mology
    study of muscles
  42. excitability or irritability
    ability to recieve and respond to a  stimulus
  43. contractily
    ability to contract or ability of the muscle to change shape and become shorter  and thicker
  44. extensibility
    ability to be stretched or exended
  45. elasticity
    the ability to return to its original shape after  extention or extraction
  46. function= movement or motion
    voluntary and involuntary movement
  47. function of a muscle
    • maintain posture
    • heat production
    • movement, motion
  48. 3 types of muscles
    • 1. skeletal- attached to skeletal =voluntary
    • 2. smooth- muscle that make up the walls of our internal organs = involuntary
    • 3. cardiac - heart= involuntary
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