Rehab-Wound dressings

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  1. when to use transparent film
    • for stage I and II wounds
    • blister formation over bony prominences
    • heels
    • autolytic debridement
  2. when should you not use transparent film?
    on wounds that need draining or are infected
  3. When do you use hydrocolloids?
    • for stage II and III wounds
    • minimal drainage
    • providing moist wound bed
    • necessary cushioning over bony prominence
  4. when should you not use hydrocolloids?
    • on infected wounds
    • when medications are needed on the wound
  5. when do you use calcium alginates?
    • to absorb heavy drainage
    • on infected wounds
    • filling in cavity of deep wounds
  6. when do you use foam dressings?
    • for heavily exudative wounds
    • deep cavity wounds
    • can be left on for 3-4 days
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