Secondary Lesions

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  1. Excoriation?
    scratch mark
  2. Crust
    • Accumulation of dry exudate or blood 
    • Ex: impetigo ( crusted honey)
  3. Eschar
    • Hard plaque that covers an ulcer (debridement) - tissue necrosis, infarcts, deep burn, and gangrene.
    • Ex: spider bites, anthrax, ulcers
  4. Scar
    • permanent alteration of normal skin tissue 
    • dermal, epidermal affected
    • Scars stays w/in margin of initial injury
  5. Keloid?
    • Permanent change in normal skin, extend beyond scar site
    • Can appear spontaneously after: tattoes, piercings, burns, slight inflammation
  6. Scale
    • Increased dead cells on surface of the skin.
    • Ex: Psoriasis
  7. Fissure?
    • sunken linear crack in the skin from dryness - occurs without trauma
    • Painful = Splis has exposed the underlying dermis
    • Ex: Athlete's foot
  8. Erosion
    • localized loss of epidermis
    • Heals without leaving a scar
    • Ex: moist area after rupture of a vesicle --> chickenpox
  9. Denuded
    generalized loss of epidermis
  10. Ulcer
    Sunken, loss of epidermis and at least superior later of the dermis
  11. Atrophy
    Thinning of the skin when somehting has shrunken
  12. Lichenification
    • hardening of the skin due to excessive scratching
    • Ex: Ectopic Eczema, lichen simplex, atopic dematitis 
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