Cell Structure and Function

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  1. Nucleus
    Control center; directs protein synthesis and cell reproduction
  2. Cell Wall
    Outer layer of cellulose or chitin that functions as protection or support
  3. Chromosomes
    Long strand of DNA and protein that contain hereditary information
  4. Plasma Membrane
    Lipid bilayer with proteins that regulate what passes into and out of the cell
  5. Lysosomes
    Vesicles that digest worn-out organelles; play role in cell death
  6. Ribosomes
    Small assemblies of protein and RNA, often bound to the ER; sites of protein synthesis
  7. Endoplasmic reticulum (ER)
    Network of internal membranes that forms compartments and vesicles; participates in proteinĀ  and lipid synthesis
  8. Flagella (cilia)
    9+2 arrangement of microtubules; functions in motility or moving fluids over surfaces
  9. Nucleolus
    Sites of genes for rRNA synthesis; assembles ribosomes
  10. Mitochondria
    "Power plant" of the cell; sites oxidative metabolism
  11. Microbodies or Peroxisomes
    Vesicles that isolate particular chemical activities from the rest of the cell
  12. Cytoskeleton
    Network of proteins filaments; functions as structural support and in cell movement
  13. Golgi apparatus
    Packages proteins for export from the cell; forms secretory vesicles
  14. Chloroplast
    Sites of photosynthesis
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