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  1. How does Folliculitis develop?
    When a cut, wound, friction, pressure or moisture draws bacteria deep into the skin or hair follicle
  2. What OTC products may promote folliculitis?
    Petroleum products like Vaseline
  3. What are the signs and symptoms of folliculitis?
    Erythema, Papules, Pustules, Crusts, Inflammations, Pruritus, Tenderness on palpitation
  4. Is Folliculitis ever tender?
  5. What is a Furuncle?
    A skin infection involving the entire hair follicle and adjacent subcutaneous tissue
  6. What is a Carbuncle?
    Cluster of furuncles
  7. Where are Carbuncles often found?
    Back of neck, shoulders and thighs
  8. What group often gets carbuncles and furuncles?
    Older men
  9. Is a fever a common trait of Furuncles and Carbuncles?
    Yes, sometimes present
  10. An older man comes into the pharmacy with and group of inflamed boils at the base of his hair follicles on his neck. What would you suspect?
  11. What are the common causes of alopecia?
    Heredity, Drugs, Heavy Metals, Infection, Anemia, Autoimmune disorders, endocrine issues and Trauma
  12. Is alopecia usually localized or universal?
    Can be both
  13. What is scarring alopecia?
    Damaged hair, cannot produce hair
  14. What is Non-scarring alopecia?
    Produces several affect including change in hair texture
  15. What is Onychomycosis?
    Tinea unuium or nail fungus
  16. How does Onychomycosis usual begin?
    White or yellow spots under the nail
  17. What are the characteristics of Onychomycosis?
    Discolored, thickened, cracking, crumbling nail that is painful to the touch and is rising form the nail bed. May be erythema and edema
  18. What are the risk factors of Onychomycosis?
    Barefoot, occlusive footwear, diminished blood flow to extremities
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