Soft Tissue Pathology Differential Diagnoses

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  1. Flat White
    hyperkeratosis with or without dysplasia, leukoplake, carcinoma insitu, candidiasis, squamous cell carcinoma, lichen planus,
  2. flat red
    candidiasis, hypersensitivity, systemic lupus erythematous, dysplasia, carcinoma in situ, squamous cell carcinoma, vit deficiency(b12, iron, folate), vascular
  3. combination red/white
    erythema migrans(geographic tongue), candidiasis, lichen planus, burns, actinic cheilosis, erythroleukoplakia
  4. flat pigmented
    amalgam tattoo, focal melanosis, nevus, malignant melanoma, vascular lesion, drugs, racial pigmentation
  5. acute uclers
    recurrent apthous minor
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Soft Tissue Pathology Differential Diagnoses
Differential diagnoses for soft tissue oral lesions
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