Soft Tissue Oral Lesions Differential Diagnoses

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  1. Flat White
    hyperkeratosis with or without dysplasia, leukoplakia, carcinoma in situ, candidiasis, squamous cell carcinoma, lichen planus
  2. Flat Red
    Candidiasis, hypersensitivity, systemic lupus erythematous, dysplasia, carcinoma in situ, squamous cell carcinoma, vitamin deficiency(b12, iron, folate), vascular
  3. Combination Red/White
    erythema migrans(geographic tongue), candidiasis, lichen planus, burns, actinic cheilosis, erythroleukoplakia
  4. Flat Pigmented
    amalgam tattoo, focal melanosis, nevus, malignant melanoma, vascular lesion, drugs, racial pigmentation
  5. Acute Ulcers
    recurrent apthous minor, traumatic ulcer, primary herpes, herpangina(coxsackievirus, soft palate), hand-foot-mouth disease, herpes zoster, squamous cell carcinoma
  6. Acute Erosions
    erythema multiforme, acute drug reaction, contact dermatitis
  7. Chronic ulcers
    recurrent aphtous major, squamous cell carcinoma
  8. Chronic Erosions
    Chronic drug reaction, erosive lichen planus, mucous membrane pemphigoid
  9. Pemphigus vulgaris
    systemic lupus erythematous
  10. Unifocal Deep (nonhealing) Ulcer
    squamous cell carcinoma, deep fungal infection, major apthous, traumatic ulcer
  11. Reactive lesions
    focal fibrous hyperplasia, pyogenic granuloma, peripheral ossifying fibroma, peripheral giant cell granuloma, squakmous cell carcinoma, metastatic cancer
  12. Submucosal Mass: Tumor
    fibroma, hemangioma, varix, neurofibroma/neurilemmoma, lipoma, salivary gland tumor, metastatic, antral carcinoma
  13. Submucosal Mass: inflammatory
    parulis, abscess
  14. Submucosal mass: Cyst
    epidermal cyst, mucocele, lymphoepithelial cyst
  15. Papillary lesions
    verruca vulgaris, papilloma, squamous cell carcinoma, condyloma acuminatum, hairy leukoplakia, giant cell fibroma, verrucous carcinoma, verrucous xanthoma, acanthosis nigrans (malignant variant)
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