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  1. Explain the Duties and Resposibilities of the Watch Commander
    Operational supervision of all NAS Sigonella NSF operations during period of assignment
  2. Explain the Duties and Responsiblities of the Patrol Supervisor
    Operational supervision of all NSF on there post of operations. Must be able to respond to any incidents in 5 minutes. Dual hats as the Post Supervisor
  3. Explain what the Emergency Operations Center is.
    The EOC is an information center for members of the Crisis Management Team to coordinate response to a crisis.
  4. Where is the EOC located.
    Located at Bldg. # 463 on the flight line.
  5. Why would the EOC be Established
    in the event of a major crises such as a VBIED or A NEO emergancy
  6. Explain when you would do a Restricted Desk Journal
    limit the disminiation of Sensitive cases such as.

    • - Anything Sexual in nature
    • - Anything involving 0-5 and above
    • - Anything involving a Department Head
    • - Anything involving a Minor
    • - Suicide
  7. when would Watch Commander download a patrolman
    • - Red Cross message
    • - Emotional distress
    • - Intoxicated
    • - Insufficient rest
    • - Angry and/or aggressive behavior
  8. Discuss the importance of the Family Care Plan
    To Maintain Worldwide Deployablitiy and readiness
  9. What does NEO Stand for
    Non-combatant Evactuation Operation
  10. What is the NEO instruction
    NASSIGINST 4310.1D
  11. What are the 3 Phases of a NEO EVAC
    • Phase 1 = Ready, prepare for the evac
    • Phase 2 = Set, Meet at the Rally Points
    • Phase 3 = Go, Start Evacuation
  12. How Many Catagories are there in a NEO EVAC
  13. What is  Category I of a NEO
    • - Family Members, of any nationality of U.S military personnel,
    • - DoD Civilian and contract employees,
    • - American Citizens with Documentations
    • - Non esential personal
  14. What is Category II of a NEO
    Alien Members of American Families
  15. What is Category III of a NEO
    • Certain alien employees
    • Third country nationals employed by the U.S. Government under contract
    • other than those locally hired.
  16. What is Category IV of a NEO
    Other aliens and undocumented American citizens (without even expired documentation)
  17. What is Security Departments Role During a NEO
    • Coordinate with local officials and polizia for security and escorts (if needed, depending on the situation)
    • Provide control of vehicle and pedestrian Traffic and parking. for seaborne evacuations, due to traffic congestion, movement to the port by POV will not be permitted.
  18. What is the Watch Commanders Responsibility During a NEO
    • - Contact EOC LPO to initiated Procedures
    • - Coordinate with S/L and HN Law enforcement
    • - Ensure a mass recall is initiated
    • - Depending on Situation have additonal patrolman arm up.
    • - Ensure all SOP's and PPRs are followed
  19. Who is Exempt from Command Authorized Vehicle Inspections.
    Italian Government Vehicles (AM on license plate).

    NCIS in offical vehicles or in the proformance of their duties
  20. What action do you take if someone refuses to comply with a Command Authorized Vehicle Inspection.
    • Notify CoC.
    • Patrolmen On scene will obtain all information of all occupants, confiscate the vehicle pass, and Licenses direct the vehicle off the base and pass info to dispatch.
    • W/C will ensure that a DJ and notifications have been made.
  21. Discuss the role of the Physec department
    • Units
    • MVGs
    • Key tracker
  22. Discuss the Role of CID
    Conducting all actions during an investigation of a crime, evidence locker and custodians.

    internal affairs for security
  23. Discuss the Procedures for loss or theft of firearms
    • Notifiy CoC.
    • Ensure patrolmen lock down armory
    • Establish and maintain perimeter.
    • Notify CID and NCIS.
    • Complete ICR.
  24. What do you do if there is a discrepancies during building checks
    • Ensure perimeter is set
    • Make notifications
    • follow SOP
  25. Role of the PAO
    Senior adviosr to the CO on all amtters reqarding the public image of the command.
  26. Actions taken for unauthorized photgraphy
    • Ensure patrolman have detained and obtained all information from individual.
    • Make notifications
    • Verify individual is not authorized to take pictures by otifying the PAO
    • Notify NCI in any case where indivdual does not have authorization
    • Complete DJ/ICR
  27. what is the PFA/PRT Instruction
    NASSIGINST 6110.1F
  28. What are the requirements to be a mentor
    must be an E-5 with at least 6 months on board and 12 months left on station
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