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  1. What does uisge beatha means?
    The term Whisky derives from the Gaelic expression usage beatha, witch means Water Of Life
  2. What are the 5 steps in producing Scotch Whisky?
    • Malting
    • Mashing
    • Fermentation  
    • Distillation twice
    • Maturing/Aging
  3. What are the minimum amount of time Scotch Whisky needs to be aged for?
    minimum 3 yrs
  4. Who designed the iconic Grant's bottle, and when?
    Grant's special triangle-shaped bottle was designed in 1957 by Hans Schleger 
  5. What is grain Whisky usually used for?
    Grain Whisky are usually mixed with single malt whisky to produce blended Scotch Whisky
  6. What are the four main Scotch producing regions?
    • Lowland
    • Highland
    • Campbeltown
    • Islay
  7. Name two flavor characteristics for Islay Whisky?
    • Whisky produced here is considered being one of the best in terms of character. 
    • The smoked malt from this area often contains seaweed, and at some times the taste resemble to tar.
  8. What distillery was the first to receive their license (UK) and when?
    The Glenlivet in 1824
  9. When did the first American distillery in Kentucky open?
  10. What act stopped alcohol production and consumption in 1920 (US)?
    In 1920 the Volstead Act took effect, which meant a cross country prohibition of alcohol in the USA. This made Whisky very popular.
  11. What are the main ingredients in American Whiskey?
    Corn and rye
  12. How is bourbon aged?
    In a new burned white oak cask.
  13. What is the Lincoln County Process?
    • The Lincoln County process is the filtration process being used for Tennessee whiskey.
    • Its filtered through maple-damped wood charcoal.
  14. What do you call the process of reusing the yeast in whiskey production?
    the sour mash method.
  15. Witch Tennessee distillery is the most famous?
    Jack Daniels
  16. What does DEW stand for in Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey?
    Daniel Edmond Williams
  17. What are the demands according to american law before Whiskey can be called straight bourbon?
    • Be produced in USA
    • Contain a minimum of 51% corn
    • Be distilled to a alcohol level lower than 80%
    • Can not contain eighteen coloring or additional agents. 
    • Must be aged in a new burned white oak cask
  18. Whats unique about Maker's Mark?
    Each bottle is applied in a hand-rolled layer of wax
  19. How many times is Tullamore DEW distilled??
    three times!!
  20. How Many times is scotch whisky distilled?
  21. What is Malt Whisky pro dud from?
    Malted barley
  22. How is almost all american Whisky distilled?
    Column distilled
  23. What re the three classifications of american Whiskey?
    • Tennessee Whiskey
    • Bourbon 
    • Rye Whiskey
  24. American Whiskey Branda
    • Jack Daniels
    • Makers Mark
    • Wild Turkey
    • Russel's
    • Old Crow
  25. Scotch Whisky brands
    • Johnnie Walker
    • Famous Grouse
    • Bells
    • Glenfiddich
    • Glenlivet
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