Cognac/ Brandy

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  1. What does brandeweijn mean?
    Dutch for burned wine
  2. Who was the first to distill grapes?
    Grape distillates have been produced since year 800 when it was called eaux de vie.
  3. What happened with the vineyards during the late 19th century?
    The Phylloxera plague (Phylloxera lice) destroyed more than 85%of all vines in the region. and it took more than 20 yrs to regenerate. The producers switch to using american vines and the Ugni Blanc became the grape og choice.
  4. What kind of distillation apparatus is used for distillation of cognac?
    Alambic Charentaise, pot-destillation.
  5. How many times is cognac distilled?
  6. What are the six cognac regions?
    • Grande Champagne
    • Petite Champagne
    • Borderies
    • Fins Bois
    • Bons Bois
    • Bois Ordinaires
  7. How do you explain VS, VSOP and XO?
    • VS- Very Special - Matured for at least 2 1/2 years
    • VSOP - Very Special Old Pale (or rèserve) - matured for at least 4,5 years
    • XO - Extra Old - matured for at least 6,5 years
  8. How many times is Cognac distilled?
  9. In witch town, and in what year did the production of cognac start?
    In the French city of La Rochelle in 1549
  10. What kind of casks is used for the maturing of cognac?
    Old casks are newer used for new cognac, and old cognac is never matured in new casks. 

    The youngest cask Neuf is only used for newly distilled faux-de-vie and use no more than five years. 

    Roux-casks are used exclusively for matured cognac and are typically more than 20 years old.
  11. What are the minimum maturing time for cognac?
    2 yrs
  12. Cognac Brands
    • Hennessy
    • Remi Martin
    • Hine
    • Martell
    • Courvoiser
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