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  1. Annie: Hello, Paw. Whut you been shoot-in?

    That true what I hear about Will Parker

    gittin' fifty dollars?
  2. Annie: That's right Paw.
    And he wnts to hold you to yer promise.
    Too bad.

    Still and all,

    I' can't go back on my word.
  3. Annie: See Ali Hakim!
    • I advise you git that money off' him
    • before he loses it all.

    • Put it in yer stockin'
    • or inside yer corset
    • where he can't git at it

    ...Or can he? 
  4. Annie: But Paw, he ain't exackly kep' it.
    He spent it all on presents.
    Whut' I tell you!

    Now he cain't have you.

    I said it had to be fifty dollars cash.
  5. Ali: Mr Carnes is that fair?
    Who the hell are you?
  6. Annie: This is Ali Hakin.
    Well shet yer face,

    er I'll fill yer behind so full of buckshot,

    you'll be walking around like a duck

    the rest of yer life.
  7. Annie: Ali, if I don't marry Will, manne your heart don't have to be busted in two like you said.
    Ali: I did not say that.
    Annie: Oh, yes you did.
    Ali: No, I did not.
    Are you tryin' to make my daughter

    to be a liar?
  8. Ali: No, I'm just making it clear what a lier I am if she's telling the truth.
    Whut else you been sayin' to my daugher?
  9. Annie: Oh a awful lot.
  10. Annie: las' night, in the moonlight.
  11. Annie: Longside a haystack.

    Ali: Listen, Mr Carnes---
    I'm lissening.

    Whut else did you say?
  12. Annie: He called me his Persian kitten.
    Why'd you call her that?
  13. Ali: I don't remember.
    Annie: I do. He said I was like a Persian kitten cuz they was the cats with the soft round tails.
    That's enough!

    In this part od the country

    that better a proposal of marrage.
  14. Annie: That's whut I thought.
    Is that what you think?
  15. Ai: Look Mr Carnes---
    I'm lookin!
  16. Ali: I'm no good. I'm a peddler.  A peddler travels up and down and all around and you'd hardly ever see your daughter no more.
    That'd be alright!

    Take keer of her, son.

    Take keer of my littel rosebud.
  17. Annie: Oh Paw, that's purty. You shore fer sartin you can beer to let me go, Paw?
    Ali: Are you sure Mr Carnes?
    Jist try to change my mind

    and see whut happens to you.

    (Leaves stage)
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