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  1. a-; an-
    not; without EX: Analgesic; apathy
  2. ab-
    away EX: Abduction
  3. abdomin(o)-
    Of or relating to the abdomen EX: Abdomen
  4. -ac; -acal
    pertaining to EX: cardiac; hydrophobiac
  5. acanth(o)-
    thorn or spine EX: acanthion; acanthocyte; acanthoma; acanthulus
  6. acous(io)-
    Of or relating to hearing EX: acoumeter; acoustician
  7. acr(o)-
    extremity; topmost EX: Acrocrany; acromegaly; acroosteolysis; acroposthia
  8. -acusis
    hearing EX: paracusis
  9. ad-
    at; increase; on; toward EX: Adduction
  10. -ad
    toward; in the direction of EX: dorsad
  11. aden(o)-; aden(i)-
    Of or relating to a gland EX: Adenocarcinoma; adenology; adenotome; adenotyphus
  12. adip(o)-
    Of or relating to fat or fatty tissue EX: Adipocyte
  13. adren(o)-
    Of or relating to adrenal glands EX: adrenal artery
  14. -aemia (BrE)
    blood condition EX: Anaemia
  15. aer(o)-
    air; gas EX: Aerosinusitis
  16. aesthesio- (BrE)
    sensation EX: Anesthesia
  17. -al
    pertaining to EX: abdominal; femoral
  18. alb-
    Denoting a white or pale color EX: Albino
  19. alge(si)-
    pain EX: Analgesic
  20. -algia; alg(i)o-
    pain EX: Myalgia
  21. all(o-)
    Denoting something as different; or as an addition EX: Alloantigen; allopathy
  22. ambi-
    Denoting something as positioned on both sides; describing both of two EX: Ambidextrous
  23. amni-
    Pertaining to the membranous fetal sac (amnion) EX: Amniocentesis
  24. amph-; amphi-
    on both sides EX: Amphicrania; amphismela; amphomycin
  25. an-
    anus EX: anal
  26. an-
    not; without EX: Analgesia
  27. ana-
    back; again; up EX: Anaplasia
  28. andr(o)-
    pertaining to a man EX: Android; andrology
  29. angi(o)-
    blood vessel EX: Angiogram
  30. aniso-
    Describing something as unequal EX: Anisocytosis; anisotropic
  31. ankyl(o)-; ancyl(o)-
    Denoting something as crooked or bent EX: Ankylosis
  32. ante-
    Describing something as positioned in front of another thing EX: antepartum
  33. anti-
    Describing something as 'against' or 'opposed to' another EX: Antibody; antipsychotic
  34. apo-
    away; separated from; derived from EX: Apoptosis
  35. arch-
    first; primitive EX: archinephron
  36. arsen(o)-
    Of or pertaining to a male; masculine EX: arsenoblast
  37. arteri(o)-
    Of or pertaining to an artery EX: Arteriole; artery
  38. arthr(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the joints; limbs EX: Arthritis
  39. articul(o)-
    joint EX: Articulation
  40. -ary
    pertaining to EX: biliary tract
  41. -ase
    enzyme EX: Lactase
  42. -asthenia
    weakness EX: Myasthenia gravis
  43. atel(o)-
    imperfect or incomplete development EX: atelocardia
  44. ather(o)-
    fatty deposit; soft gruel-like deposit EX: Atherosclerosis
  45. -ation
    process EX: Habitation; medication
  46. atri(o)-
    an atrium (esp. heart atrium) EX: atrioventricular
  47. aur(i)-
    Of or pertaining to the ear EX: Aural
  48. aut(o)-
    self EX: Autoimmune
  49. aux(o)-
    increase; growth EX: Auxocardia : enlargement of the heart; Auxology
  50. axill-
    Of or pertaining to the armpit (uncommon as a prefix) EX: Axilla
  51. azo(to)
    nitrogenous compound EX: azothermia : raised temperature due to nitrogenous substances in blood
  52. balano-
    Of the glans penis or glans clitoridis EX: Balanitis
  53. bi-
    twice; double EX: Binary
  54. bio-
    life EX: Biology
  55. blast(o)-
    germ or bud EX: Blastomere
  56. blephar(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the eyelid EX: Blepharoplast
  57. brachi(o)-
    Of or relating to the arm EX: Brachium of inferior colliculus
  58. brachy-
    Indicating 'short' or less commonly 'little' EX: brachycephalic
  59. brady-
    'slow' EX: Bradycardia
  60. bronch(i)-
    bronchus EX: Bronchiolitis obliterans
  61. bucc(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the cheek EX: Buccolabial
  62. burs(o)-
    bursa (fluid sac between the bones) EX: Bursitis
  63. capill-
    Of or pertaining to hair EX: Capillus
  64. capit-
    Pertaining to the head (as a whole) EX: Capitation
  65. carcin(o)-
    cancer EX: Carcinoma
  66. cardi(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the heart EX: Cardiology
  67. carp(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the wrist EX: Carpopedal
  68. cata-
    down; under EX: Cataract
  69. -cele
    pouching; hernia EX: Hydrocele; Varicocele
  70. -centesis
    surgical puncture for aspiration EX: Amniocentesis
  71. cephal(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the head (as a whole) EX: Cephalalgy
  72. cerat(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the cornu; a horn EX: Ceratoid
  73. cerebell(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the cerebellum EX: Cerebellum
  74. cerebr(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the brain EX: Cerebrology
  75. cervic-
    Of or pertaining to the neck; the cervix EX: Cervicodorsal
  76. chem(o)-
    chemistry; drug EX: Chemotherapy
  77. chir(o)-; cheir(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the hand EX: Chiropractor
  78. chlor(o)-
    Denoting a green color EX: Chlorophyll
  79. chol(e)-
    Of or pertaining to bile EX: Cholaemia (UK)/ Cholemia (US); Cholecystitis
  80. cholecyst(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the gallbladder EX: Cholecystectomy
  81. chondr(i)o-
    cartilage; gristle; granule; granular EX: Chondrocalcinosis
  82. chrom(ato)-
    color EX: Hemochromatosis
  83. -cidal; -cide
    killing; destroying EX: bacteriocidal
  84. cili-
    Of or pertaining to the cilia; the eyelashes; eyelids EX: Ciliary
  85. circum-
    Denoting something as 'around' another EX: Circumcision
  86. cis-
    on this side
  87. clast
    break EX: osteoclast
  88. co-
    with; together; in association EX: coenzymes
  89. col-; colo-; colono-
    colon EX: Colonoscopy
  90. colp(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the vagina EX: Colposcopy
  91. com-
    with; together
  92. contra
    against EX: Contraindicate
  93. cor-
    with; together
  94. cor-; core-; coro-
    Of or pertaining to eye's pupil EX: Corectomy
  95. cordi-
    Of or pertaining to the heart [Uncommon as a prefix] EX: Commotio cordis
  96. cornu-
    Applied to processes and parts of the body describing them likened or similar to horns EX: Greater cornu
  97. coron(o)-
    crown EX: coronary
  98. cost(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the ribs EX: Costochondral
  99. cox-
    Of or relating to the hip; haunch; or hip-joint EX: Coxopodite
  100. crani(o)-
    Belonging or relating to the cranium EX: Craniology
  101. -crine; crin(o)
    to secrete EX: Endocrine
  102. cry(o)-
    cold EX: Cryoablation
  103. cutane-
    skin EX: Subcutaneous
  104. cyan(o)-
    Denotes a blue color EX: Cyanopsia
  105. cycl-
    circle; cycle
  106. cyph(o)-
    Denotes something as bent (uncommon as a prefix) EX: Cyphosis
  107. cyst(o)-; cyst(i)-
    Of or pertaining to the urinary bladder EX: Cystotomy
  108. cyt(o)-
    cell EX: Cytokine
  109. -cyte
    cell EX: Leukocyte
  110. dacryo-
    tear EX: Dacryocystitis
  111. -dactyl(o)-
    Of or pertaining to a finger; toe EX: dactylology; polydactyly
  112. de-
    away from; cessation EX: dehydrate
  113. dent-
    Of or pertaining to teeth EX: Dentist
  114. dermat(o)-; derm(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the skin EX: Dermatology
  115. -desis
    binding EX: arthrodesis
  116. dextr(o)-
    right; on the right side EX: Dextrocardia
  117. di-
    two EX: Diplopia
  118. di-
    apart; separation
  119. dia-
    through; during; across EX: dialysis
  120. dif-
    apart; separation EX: different
  121. digit-
    Of or pertaining to the finger [rare as a root] EX: Digit
  122. -eal
    pertaining to EX: adenohypophyseal; corneal; esophagus; perineal
  123. ec-
    out; away EX: Ectopia; ectopic pregnancy
  124. ect(o)-
    outer; outside EX: Ectoblast; ectoderm
  125. -ectasia; -ectasis
    expansion; dilation EX: Bronchiectasis; telangiectasia
  126. -ectomy
    Denotes a surgical operation or removal of a body part. Resection; excision EX: Mastectomy
  127. -emesis
    vomiting condition EX: Hematemesis
  128. -emia
    blood condition (AmE) EX: Anemia
  129. encephal(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the brain. Also see Cerebro. EX: Encephalogram
  130. endo-
    Denotes something as 'inside' or 'within' EX: Endocrinology; endospore
  131. enter(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the intestine EX: Gastroenterology
  132. eosin(o)-
    Red EX: Eosinophil granulocyte
  133. epi-
    on; upon EX: Epicardium; epidermis; epidural; episclera; epistaxis
  134. episi(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the pubic region; the loins EX: Episiotomy
  135. erythr(o)-
    Denotes a red color EX: Erythrocyte
  136. -esophageal; -esophago-
    gullet (AmE) EX: Esophagus
  137. esthesio-
    sensation (AmE) EX: Esthesia
  138. eu-
    true; good; well; new EX: Eukaryote
  139. ex-
    out of; away from EX: Excision; exophthalmos
  140. exo-
    Denotes something as 'outside' another EX: Exoskeleton
  141. extra-
    outside EX: Extradural hematoma
  142. faci(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the face EX: Facioplegic
  143. fibr(o)
    fiber EX: Fibroblast
  144. filli-
    fine; hair like
  145. fore-
    before or ahead EX: foreword
  146. -form; -iform
    Used to form adjectives indicating 'having the form of' EX: Cuneiform
  147. fossa
    A hollow or depressed area; trench or channel EX: fossa ovalis
  148. front-
    Of or pertaining to the forehead EX: Frontonasal
  149. galact(o)-
    milk EX: Galactorrhea
  150. gastr(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the stomach EX: Gastric bypass
  151. -gen
    (1) Denotes the sense 'born in; from' (2) Denotes the sense 'of a certain kind' EX: (1) Endogen; (2) Heterogenous
  152. -genic
    Formative; pertaining to producing EX: Cardiogenic shock
  153. genu-
    Of or pertaining to the knee EX: Genu valgum
  154. gingiv-
    Of or pertaining to the gums EX: Gingivitis
  155. glauc(o)-
    Denoting a grey or bluish-grey colour EX: Glaucoma
  156. gloss(o)-; glott(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the tongue EX: Glossology
  157. gluco-
    sweet EX: Glucocorticoid
  158. glyc(o)-
    sugar EX: Glycolysis
  159. gnath(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the jaw EX: Gnathodynamometer
  160. -gnosis
    knowledge EX: diagnosis; prognosis
  161. gon(o)-
    seed; semen; also; reproductive EX: Gonorrhea
  162. -gram; -gramme
    record or picture EX: Angiogram
  163. -graph
    instrument used to record data or picture EX: Electrocardiograph
  164. -graphy
    process of recording EX: Angiography
  165. gyn(aec)o- (BrE); gyn(ec)o- (AmE)
    woman EX: Gynecomastia
  166. halluc-
    to wander in mind EX: Hallucinosis
  167. hema or hemo-
    blood (AmE) EX: Hematological malignancy
  168. hemangi or hemangio-
    blood vessels EX: Hemangioma
  169. hemat-; haemato- (haem-; hem-)
    Of or pertaining to blood EX: Hematology; older form Haematology
  170. hemi-
    one-half EX: Cerebral hemisphere
  171. hepat- (hepatic-)
    Of or pertaining to the liver EX: Hepatology
  172. heter(o)-
    Denotes something as 'the other' (of two); as an addition; or different EX: Heterogeneous
  173. hidr(o)-
    sweat EX: Hyperhidrosis
  174. hist(o)-; histio-
    tissue EX: Histology
  175. hom(o)-
    Denotes something as 'the same' as another or common EX: Homosexuality
  176. home(o)-
    similar EX: Homeopathy
  177. humer(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the shoulder (or [rarely] the upper arm) EX: Humerus
  178. hydr(o)-
    water EX: Hydrophobe
  179. hyp(o)-
    Denotes something as 'below normal' EX: Hypovolemia;
  180. hyper-
    Denotes something as 'extreme' or 'beyond normal' EX: Hypertension
  181. hyster(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the womb; the uterus EX: Hysterectomy; Hysteria
  182. -i-asis
    condition EX: Mydriasis
  183. iatr(o)-
    Of or pertaining to medicine; or a physician [uncommon as a prefix; common as as suffix; see -iatry] EX: Iatrochemistry
  184. -iatry
    Denotes a field in medicine of a certain body component EX: Podiatry; Psychiatry
  185. -ic
    pertaining to EX: Hepatic artery
  186. -icle
    small EX: Ovarian follicle
  187. -ics
    organized knowledge; treatment EX: Obstetrics
  188. idio-
    self; one's own EX: Idiopathic
  189. ileo-
    ileum EX: Ileocecal valve
  190. infra-
    below EX: Infrahyoid muscles
  191. inter-
    between; among EX: Interarticular ligament
  192. intra-
    within EX: intramural
  193. ipsi-
    same EX: Ipsilateral hemiparesis
  194. irid(o)-
    iris EX: Iridectomy
  195. isch-
    restriction EX: Ischemia
  196. ischio-
    Of or pertaining to the ischium; the hip-joint EX: Ischioanal fossa
  197. -ism
    condition; disease EX: Dwarfism
  198. -ismus
    spasm; contraction EX: Hemiballismus
  199. iso-
    Denoting something as being 'equal' EX: Isotonic
  200. -ist
    one who specializes in EX: Pathologist
  201. -ite
    the nature of; resembling EX: Hermaphrodite
  202. -itis
    inflammation EX: Tonsillitis
  203. -ium
    structure; tissue EX: pericardium
  204. kal-
    potassium EX: Hyperkalemia
  205. karyo-
    nucleus EX: Eukaryote
  206. kerat(o)-
    cornea (eye or skin) EX: Keratoscope
  207. kin(e)-; kin(o); kinesi(o)-
    movement EX: Kinesthesia
  208. koil(o)-
    hollow EX: Koilocyte
  209. kyph(o)-
    humped EX: Kyphoscoliosis
  210. labi(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the lip EX: Labiodental
  211. lacrim(o)-
    tear EX: Lacrimal canaliculi
  212. lact(i)-; lact(o)
    milk EX: Lactation
  213. lapar(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the abdomen-wall; flank EX: Laparotomy
  214. laryng(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the larynx; the lower throat cavity where the voice box is EX: Larynx
  215. latero-
    lateral EX: Lateral pectoral nerve
  216. lei(o)-
    smooth EX: Leiomyoma
  217. -lepsis; -lepsy
    attack; seizure EX: Epilepsy; narcolepsy
  218. lept(o)-
    light; slender EX: Leptomeningeal
  219. leuc(o)-; leuk(o)-
    Denoting a white color EX: Leukocyte
  220. lingu(a)-; lingu(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the tongue EX: Linguistics
  221. lip(o)-
    fat EX: Liposuction
  222. lith(o)-
    stone; calculus EX: Lithotripsy
  223. log(o)-
  224. -logist
    Denotes someone who studies a certain field: _____-logy EX: Oncologist; pathologist
  225. -logy
    Denotes the academic study or practice of a certain field; The study of EX: hematology; urology
  226. lymph(o)-
    lymph EX: Lymphedema
  227. lys(o)-; -lytic
    dissolution EX: Lysosome
  228. -lysis
    Destruction; separation EX: Paralysis
  229. macr(o)-
    large; long EX: Macrophage
  230. -malacia
    softening EX: Osteomalacia
  231. mamm(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the breast EX: Mammogram
  232. mammill(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the nipple EX: mammillaplasty; mammillitis
  233. manu-
    Of or pertaining to the hand EX: Manufacture
  234. mast(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the breast EX: Mastectomy
  235. meg(a)-; megal(o)-; -megaly
    enlargement; million EX: Splenomegaly; megameter
  236. melan(o)-
    black color EX: Melanin
  237. melos
    extremity EX: erythromelalgia
  238. mening(o)-
    membrane EX: Meningitis
  239. mero-
    part EX: merocrine; meroblastic
  240. mes(o)-
    middle EX: Mesoderm
  241. meta-
    after; behind EX: Metacarpus
  242. -meter
    instrument used to measure or count EX: Sphygmomanometer
  243. metr(o)-
    Pertaining to conditions or instruments of the uterus EX: Metrorrhagia
  244. -metry
    process of measuring EX: Optometry
  245. micro-
    denoting something as small; or relating to smallness; millionth EX: Microscope
  246. milli-
    thousandth EX: milliliter
  247. mon(o)-
    single EX: Infectious mononucleosis
  248. morph(o)-
    form; shape EX: Morphology
  249. muscul(o)-
    muscle EX: Musculoskeletal system
  250. my(o)-
    Of or relating to muscle EX: Myoblast
  251. myc(o)-
    fungus EX: Onychomycosis
  252. myel(o)-
    Of or relating to bone marrow or spinal cord EX: Myeloblast
  253. myl(o)-
    Of or relating to molar teeth or lower jaw EX: Mylohyoid
  254. myri-
    ten thousand EX: myriad
  255. myring(o)-
    eardrum EX: Myringotomy
  256. myx(o)-
    mucus EX: Myxoma
  257. narc(o)-
    numb; sleep EX: narcolepsy
  258. nas(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the nose EX: nasal
  259. necr(o)-
    death EX: Necrosis; necrotizing fasciitis
  260. neo-
    new EX: Neoplasm
  261. nephr(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the kidney EX: Nephrology
  262. nerv-
    Of or pertaining to nerves and the nervous system [Uncommon as a root: neuro- mostly always used] EX: Nerve; nervous system
  263. neur(i)-; neur(o)-
    Of or pertaining to nerves and the nervous system EX: Neurofibromatosis
  264. normo-
    normal EX: Normocapnia
  265. ocul(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the eye EX: Oculist
  266. odont(o)-
    Of or pertaining to teeth EX: orthodontist
  267. odyn(o)-
    pain EX: stomatodynia
  268. -oesophageal; oesophago- (BrE)
  269. -oid
    resemblance to EX: Sarcoidosis
  270. ole
    small or little
  271. olig(o)-
    Denoting something as 'having little; having few' EX: Oligotrophy
  272. om(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the shoulder EX: Omoplate
  273. -oma (singular); -omata (plural)
    tumor; mass; collection EX: Sarcoma; teratoma
  274. omphal(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the navel; the umbilicus EX: Omphalotomy
  275. onco-
    tumor; bulk; volume EX: Oncology
  276. onych(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the nail (of a finger or toe) EX: Onychophagy
  277. oo-
    Of or pertaining to the an egg; a woman's egg; the ovum EX: Oogenesis
  278. oophor(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the woman's ovary EX: Oophorectomy
  279. ophthalm(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the eye EX: Ophthalmology
  280. optic(o)-
    Of or relating to chemical properties of the eye EX: Opticochemical; biopsy
  281. or(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the mouth EX: Oral
  282. orchi(o)-; orchid(o)-; orch(o)-
    testis EX: Orchiectomy; orchidectomy
  283. orth(o)-
    Denoting something as straight or correct EX: Orthodontist
  284. -osis
    a condition; disease or increase EX: Harlequin type ichthyosis; psychosis; osteoperosis
  285. osseo-
    bony EX: Osseous
  286. ossi-
    bone EX: Peripheral ossifying fibroma
  287. ost(e)-; oste(o)-
    bone EX: Osteoporosis
  288. ot(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the ear EX: Otology
  289. -ous
    pertaining to
  290. ovari(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the ovaries EX: Ovariectomy
  291. ovo-; ovi-; ov-
    Of or pertaining to the eggs; the ovum EX: Ovogenesis
  292. oxo-
    addition of oxygen
  293. oxy-
    sharp; acid; acute; oxygen
  294. pachy-
    thick EX: pachyderma
  295. palpebr-
    Of or pertaining to the eyelid [uncommon as a root] EX: Palpebra
  296. pan-; pant(o)-
    Denoting something as 'complete' or containing 'everything' EX: panophobia; panopticon
  297. papill-
    Of or pertaining to the nipple (of the chest/breast) EX: Papillitis
  298. papul(o)-
    Indicates papulosity; a small elevation or swelling in the skin; a pimple; swelling EX: Papulation
  299. para-
    alongside of; abnormal EX: paracyesis
  300. -paresis
    slight paralysis EX: hemiparesis
  301. parvo-
    small EX: Parvovirus
  302. path(o)-
    disease EX: Pathology
  303. -pathy
    Denotes (with a negative sense) a disease; or disorder EX: sociopathy; neuropathy
  304. pauci-
    Few EX: Pauci-immune
  305. pector-
    breast EX: pectoralgia; pectoriloquy; pectorophony
  306. ped-; -ped-; -pes
    Of or pertaining to the foot; -footed EX: Pedoscope
  307. ped-; pedo-
    Of or pertaining to the child EX: pediatrics. pedophilia
  308. pelv(i)-; pelv(o)-
    hip bone EX: Pelvis
  309. -penia
    deficiency EX: osteopenia
  310. peo-
    Of or pertaining to the penis EX: Peotomy
  311. -pepsia
    Denotes something relating to digestion; or the digestive tract. EX: Dyspepsia
  312. per-
  313. peri-
    Denoting something with a position 'surrounding' or 'around' another EX: Periodontal
  314. -pexy
    fixation EX: Nephropexy
  315. phaco-
    lens-shaped EX: phacolysis; phacometer; phacoscotoma
  316. -phage; -phagia
    Forms terms denoting conditions relating to eating or ingestion EX: Sarcophagia
  317. phagist-:
    Forms nouns that denote a person who 'feeds on' the first element or part of the word EX: Lotophagi
  318. -phago-
    eating; devouring EX: phagocyte
  319. -phagy
    Forms nouns that denotes 'feeding on' the first element or part of the word EX: Anthropophagy
  320. phallo-
    phallus EX: Aphallia
  321. pharmaco-
    drug; medication EX: pharmacology
  322. pharyng(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the pharynx; the upper throat cavity EX: Pharyngitis; Pharyngoscopy
  323. -phil(ia)
    attraction for EX: Hemophilia
  324. phleb(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the (blood) veins; a vein EX: Phlebography; Phlebotomy
  325. -phobia
    exaggerated fear; sensitivity EX: arachnophobia
  326. phon(o)-
    sound EX: phonograph; symphony
  327. phos-
    Of or pertaining to light or its chemical properties; now historic and used rarely. See the common root phot(o)- below. EX: Phosphene
  328. phot(o)-
    Of or pertaining to light EX: Photopathy
  329. phren(i)-; phren(o)-; phrenico
    the mind EX: Phrenic nerve; schizophrenia; diaphragm
  330. phyt-
    to grow EX: hydrophyte
  331. piri-
    Pear EX: Piriformis muscle
  332. -plasia
    formation; development EX: Achondroplasia
  333. -plasty
    surgical repair; reconstruction EX: rhinoplasty
  334. -plegia
    paralysis EX: paraplegia
  335. pleio-
    more; excessive; multiple EX: pleiomorphism
  336. pleur(o)-; pleur(a)
    Of or pertaining to the ribs EX: Pleurogenous
  337. -plexy
    stroke or seizure EX: Cataplexy
  338. pneum(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the lungs EX: Pneumonocyte; Pneumonia
  339. pneumat(o)-
    air; lung
  340. pod-; -pod-; -pus
    Of or pertaining to the foot; -footed EX: Podiatry
  341. -poiesis
    production EX: hematopoiesis
  342. polio-
    Denoting a grey color EX: Poliomyelitis
  343. poly-
    Denotes a 'plurality' of something EX: Polymyositis
  344. por(o)-
    pore; porous
  345. porphyr(o)-
    Denotes a purple color EX: Porphyroblast
  346. post-
    Denotes something as 'after' or 'behind' another EX: Postoperation; Postmortem
  347. pre-
    Denotes something as 'before' another (in [physical] position or time) EX: Prematurity
  348. presby(o)-
    old age EX: Presbyopia
  349. prim-
    Denotes something as 'first' or 'most-important' EX: Primary
  350. pro-
    Denotes something as 'before' another (in [physical] position or time) EX: Procephalic
  351. proct(o)-
    anus; rectum EX: proctology
  352. prosop(o)-
    face EX: Prosopagnosia
  353. prot(o)-
    Denotes something as 'first' or 'most important' EX: Protoneuron
  354. pseud(o)-
    Denotes something false or fake EX: Pseudoephedrine
  355. psor-
    Itching EX: Psoriasis
  356. psych(e)-; psych(o)
    Of or pertaining to the mind EX: Psychology; psychiatry
  357. pterygo-
    Pertaining to a wing EX: Lateral pterygoid plate
  358. -ptosis
    falling; drooping; downward placement; prolapse EX: Apoptosis; nephroptosis
  359. -ptysis
    (a spitting); spitting; hemoptysis; the spitting of blood derived from the lungs or bronchial tubes EX: hemoptysis
  360. pulmon-; pulmo-
    Of or relating to the lungs. EX: pulmonary
  361. py(o)-
    pus EX: Pyometra
  362. pyel(o)-
    pelvis EX: Pyelonephritis
  363. pykno-
    to thicken (as the nucleus does in early stages of cell death) EX: Pyknosis
  364. pyr(o)-
    fever EX: Antipyretic
  365. quadr(i)-
    four EX: quadriceps
  366. radio-
    radiation EX: radiowave
  367. re-
    again; backward EX: relapse
  368. rect(o)-
  369. ren(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the kidney EX: renal
  370. reticul(o)-
    net EX: reticulocyte
  371. retro-
    backward; behind EX: retroversion; retroverted
  372. rhabd(o)-
    rod shaped; striated EX: rhabdomyolysis
  373. rhachi(o)-
    spine EX: rachial; rachialgia; rachidian; rachiopathy
  374. rhin(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the nose EX: rhinoceros; rhinoplasty
  375. rhod(o)-
    Denoting a rose-red color EX: rhodophyte
  376. -rrhage
    burst forth EX: Hemorrhage
  377. -rrhagia
    rapid flow of blood EX: menorrhagia
  378. -rrhaphy
    surgical suturing
  379. -rrhea (AmE)
    flowing; discharge EX: Galactorrhea; Diarrhea
  380. -rrhexis
    rupture EX: Karyorrhexis
  381. -rrhoea (BrE)
    flowing; discharge EX: diarrhoea
  382. rubr(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the red nucleus of the brain EX: Rubrospinal
  383. -rupt
    Break or burst EX: Erupt; Interrupt
  384. salping(o)-
    Of or pertaining to tubes e.g. fallopian tubes EX: Salpingectomy; salpingopharyngeus muscle
  385. sangui-; sanguine-
    Of or pertaining to blood EX: Sanguine
  386. sarco-
    muscular; fleshlike EX: sarcoma
  387. schist(o)-
    split; cleft EX: schistocyte
  388. schiz(o)-
    Denoting something 'split' or 'double-sided' EX: Schizophrenia
  389. scler(o)-
    hard EX: Scleroderma
  390. -sclerosis
    hardening EX: Atherosclerosis; multiple sclerosis
  391. scoli(o)-
    twisted EX: scoliosis
  392. -scope
    instrument for viewing EX: stethoscope
  393. -scopy
    use of instrument for viewing EX: endoscopy
  394. scoto-
    darkness EX: scotopic vision
  395. semi-
    one-half; partly EX: semiconscious
  396. sial(o)-
    saliva; salivary gland EX: sialagogue
  397. sigmoid(o)-
    sigmoid; S-shaped curvature EX: sigmoid colon
  398. sinistr(o)-
    left; left side
  399. sinus-
    Of or pertaining to the sinus EX: Sinusitis
  400. sito-
    food; grain EX: Sitophobia
  401. somat(o)-; somatico-
    body; bodily EX: somatic
  402. -spadias
    slit; fissure EX: hypospadias; epispadias
  403. spasmo-
    spasm EX: Spasmodic dysphonia
  404. sperma-; spermo-; spermato-
    semen; spermatozoa EX: Spermatogenesis
  405. splanchn(i)-; splanchn(o)-
    viscera EX: splanchnology
  406. splen(o)-
    spleen EX: Splenectomy
  407. spondyl(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the spine; the vertebra EX: Spondylitis
  408. squamos(o)-
    Denoting something as 'full of scales' or 'scaly' EX: Squamous cell
  409. -stalsis
    contraction EX: Peristalsis
  410. -stasis
    stopping; standing EX: Cytostasis; homeostasis
  411. -staxis
    dripping; trickling
  412. sten(o)-
    Denoting something as 'narrow in shape' or pertaining to narrowness EX: Stenography
  413. -stenosis
    abnormal narrowing in a blood vessel or other tubular organ or structure EX: Restenosis; stenosis
  414. steth(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the upper chest; chest; the area above the breast and under the neck EX: Stethoscope
  415. stheno-
    strength; force; power
  416. stom(a)
  417. stomat(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the mouth EX: Stomatogastric; stomatognathic system
  418. -stomy
    creation of an opening EX: colostomy
  419. sub-
    beneath EX: subcutaneous tissue
  420. super-
    in excess; above; superior EX: superior vena cava
  421. supra-
    above; excessive EX: supraorbital vein
  422. sy; syl-; sym-; syn-; sys-
    Indicates similarity; likeness; or being together; Assimilates before some consonants: before l to syl-; s to sys-; before a labial consonant to sym-. EX: Symptom; synalgia; synesthesia; syssarcosis
  423. tachy-
    Denoting something as fast; irregularly fast EX: Tachycardia
  424. -tension; -tensive
    pressure EX: Hypertension
  425. tetan-
    rigid; tense EX: tetanus
  426. thec-
    case; sheath EX: Intrathecal
  427. thel-
    Of or pertaining to a nipple [uncommon as a prefix] EX: Theleplasty
  428. thely-
    Denoting something as 'relating to a woman; feminine' EX: Thelygenous
  429. therap-
    treatment EX: hydrotherapy; therapeutic
  430. therm(o)-
  431. thorac(i)-; thorac(o)-; thoracico-
    Of or pertaining to the upper chest; chest; the area above the breast and under the neck EX: Thorax
  432. thromb(o)-
    Of or relating to a blood clot; clotting of blood EX: Thrombus; thrombocytopenia
  433. thym-
    emotions EX: dysthymia
  434. thyr(o)-
  435. -tic
    pertaining to
  436. toco-
  437. -tome
    cutting instrument
  438. -tomy
    act of cutting; incising; incision EX: Gastrotomy
  439. tono-
    tone; tension; pressure
  440. -tony
  441. top(o)-
    place; topical EX: Topical anesthetic
  442. tort(i)-
    twisted EX: Torticollis
  443. tox(i)-; tox(o)-; toxic(o)-
    toxin; poison EX: Toxoplasmosis
  444. trache(a)-
    trachea EX: Tracheotomy
  445. trachel(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the neck EX: tracheloplasty
  446. trans-
    Denoting something as moving or situated 'across' or 'through' EX: Transfusion
  447. tri-
    three EX: triangle
  448. trich(i)-; trichia; trich(o)-
    Of or pertaining to hair; hair-like structure EX: Trichocyst
  449. -tripsy
    crushing EX: Lithotripsy
  450. -trophy
    nourishment; development EX: Pseudohypertrophy
  451. tympan(o)-
    eardrum EX: Tympanocentesis
  452. -ula; -ule
    small EX: Nodule
  453. ultra-
    beyond; excessive
  454. umbilic-
    Of or pertaining to the navel; the umbilicus EX: Umbilical
  455. un(i)-
    one EX: Unilateral hearing loss
  456. ungui-
    Of or pertaining to the nail; a claw EX: Unguiform; Ungual
  457. ur(o)-
    Of or pertaining to urine; the urinary system; (specifically) pertaining to the physiological chemistry of urine EX: Urology
  458. uri(c)-; urico-
    uric acid
  459. urin-
    Of or pertaining to urine; the urinary system EX: Uriniferous
  460. uter(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the uterus or womb EX: Uterus
  461. vagin-
    Of or pertaining to the vagina EX: Vagina
  462. varic(o)-
    swollen or twisted vein EX: varicose
  463. vas(o)-
    duct; blood vessel EX: vasoconstriction
  464. vasculo-
    blood vessel
  465. ven-
    Of or pertaining to the (blood) veins; a vein (used in terms pertaining to the vascular system) EX: Vein; Venospasm
  466. ventr(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the belly; the stomach cavities EX: Ventrodorsal
  467. ventricul(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the ventricles; any hollow region inside an organ EX: Cardiac ventriculography
  468. -version
    turning EX: anteversion; retroversion
  469. vesic(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the bladder EX: Vesica; vesical arteries
  470. viscer(o)-
    Of or pertaining to the internal organs; the viscera EX: Viscera
  471. xanth(o)-
    Denoting a yellow color; an abnormally yellow color EX: Xanthopathy
  472. xen(o)-
    Foreign; different EX: Xenograft
  473. xer(o)-
    dry; desert-like EX: Xerostomia
  474. -y
    condition or process of EX: Surgery
  475. zo(o)-
    animal; animal life EX: zoology
  476. zym(o)-
    fermentation EX: enzyme; lysozyme
  477. Digestion
  478. Disease
  479. Eating
  480. abdomen
    lapar(o)-; abdomin-
  481. aorta
    aort(o)-; aort(o)-
  482. arm
  483. armpit
  484. artery
  485. back
  486. big toe
  487. bladder
    cyst(o)-; vesic(o)-
  488. blood
    haemat-; hemat- (haem-; hem-); sangui-; sanguine-
  489. blood clot
  490. blood vessel
    angi(o)-; vascul-; vas-
  491. body
    somat-; som-; corpor-
  492. bone
    oste(o)-; ossi-
  493. bone marrow; marrow
    myel(o)-; medull-
  494. brain
    encephal(o)-; cerebr(o)-; pector-
  495. breast
    mast(o)-; mamm(o)-
  496. chest
  497. cheek
    -Zygomatic; bucc-
  498. ear
    ot(o)-; aur(i)-
  499. eggs; ova
    oo-; ov-
  500. eye
    ophthalm(o)-; ocul(o)-
  501. eyelid
    blephar(o)-; cili-; palpebr-
  502. face
    prosop(o)-; faci(o)-
  503. fallopian tubes
  504. fat; fatty tissue
    lip(o)-; adip-
  505. finger
    dactyl(o)-; digit-
  506. forehead
  507. gallbladder
    cholecyst(o)-; fell-
  508. genitals; sexually undifferentiated
    gon(o)-; phall(o)-
  509. gland
  510. glans penis or clitoridis
  511. gums
  512. hair
    trich(o)-; capill-
  513. hand
    cheir(o)-; chir(o)-; manu-
  514. head
    cephal(o)-; capit(o)-
  515. heart
    cardi(o)-; cordi-
  516. hip; hip-joint
  517. horn
    cerat(o)-; cornu-
  518. intestine
  519. jaw
  520. kidney
    nephr(o)-; ren-
  521. knee
    gon-; genu-
  522. lip
    cheil(o)-; chil(o)-; labi(o)-
  523. liver
    hepat(o)-; (hepatic-); jecor-
  524. loins; pubic region
    episi(o)-; pudend-
  525. lungs
    pneumon-; pulmon(i)-; (pulmo-)
  526. marrow; bone marrow
    myel(o)-; medull-
  527. mind
    psych-; ment-
  528. mouth
    stomat(o)-; or-
  529. muscle
  530. nail
    onych(o)-; ungui-
  531. navel
    omphal(o)-; umbilic-
  532. neck
    trachel(o)-; cervic-
  533. nerve; the nervous system
    neur(o)-; nerv-
  534. nipple; teat
    thele-; papill-; mammill-
  535. nose
    rhin(o)-; nas-
  536. ovary
    oophor(o)-; ovari(o)-
  537. pelvis
    pyel(o)-; pelv(i)-
  538. penis
  539. pupil (of the eye)
    cor-; core-; coro-
  540. rib
    pleur(o)-; cost(o)-
  541. rib cage
    thorac(i)-; thorac(o)-
  542. shoulder
    om(o)-; humer(o)-
  543. sinus
  544. skin
    dermat(o)-; (derm-); cut-; cuticul-
  545. skull
  546. stomach
    gastr(o)-; ventr(o)-
  547. testis
    orchi(o)-; orchid(o)-
  548. throat (upper throat cavity)
  549. throat (lower throat cavity/voice box])
  550. thumb
  551. tooth
    odont(o)-; dent(i)-
  552. tongue
    gloss-; glott-; lingu(a)-
  553. toe
    dactyl(o)-; digit-
  554. tumour
    cel-; onc(o)-; tum-
  555. ureter
    ureter(o)-; ureter(o)-
  556. urethra
    urethr(o)-; urethr(a)-; urethr(o)-; urethr(a)-
  557. urine; urinary System
    ur(o)-; urin(o)-
  558. uterine tubes
    sarping(o)-; sarping(o)-
  559. uterus
    hyster(o)-; metr(o)-; uter(o)-
  560. vagina
    colp(o)-; vagin-
  561. vein
    phleb(o)-; ven-
  562. vulva
    episi(o)-; vulv-
  563. womb
    hyster(o)-; metr(o)-; uter(o)-
  564. wrist
    carp(o)-; carp(o)-
  565. black
    melano-; nigr-
  566. blue
  567. gray; grey
  568. green
    chlor(o)-; vir-
  569. purple
    porphyr(o)-; purpur-; purpureo-
  570. red
    erythr(o)-; rhod(o)-; rub-; rubr-
  571. red-orange
  572. white
    leuc-; leuk-; alb-
  573. yellow
    xanth(o)-; flav-
  574. bad; incorrect
    cac(o)-; dys-; mal(e)-
  575. bent; crooked
    ankyl(o)-; prav(i)-
  576. big
    mega-; megal(o)-; magn(i)-
  577. biggest
    megist-; maxim-
  578. broad; wide
    eury-; lat(i)-
  579. cold
    cry(o)-; frig(i)-
  580. dead
    necr(o)-; mort-
  581. equal
    is(o)-; equ(i)-
  582. false
    pseud(o)-; fals(i)-
  583. female; feminine
  584. flat
    platy-; plan(i)-
  585. good; well
    eu-; ben(e)-; bon(i)-
  586. great
    mega-; megal(o)-; magn(i)-
  587. hard
    scler(o)-; dur(i)-
  588. heavy
    bar(o)-; grav(i)-
  589. hollow
    coel(o)-; cav(i)-
  590. huge
    megal(o)-; magn(i)-
  591. incorrect; bad
    cac(o)-; dys-; mal(e)-
  592. irregular
  593. large; extremely large
    mega-; magn(i)-
  594. largest
    megist-; maxim-
  595. long
    macr(o)-; long(i)-
  596. male; masculine
    arseno-; vir-
  597. narrow
    sten(o)-; angust(i)-
  598. new
    ne(o)-; nov(i)-
  599. normal; correct
    orth(o)-; rect(i)-
  600. old
    paleo-; veter-
  601. sharp
    oxy-; ac-
  602. short
    brachy-; brev(i)-
  603. small
    micr(o)-; parv(i)- (rare)
  604. smallest
  605. slow
    brady-; tard(i)-
  606. fast
    tachy-; celer-
  607. soft
    malac(o)-; moll(i)-
  608. straight
    orth(o)-; rect(i)-
  609. thick
    pachy-; crass(i)-
  610. varied; various
    poikilo-; vari-
  611. well; good
    eu-; ben(e)-
  612. wide; broad
    eury-; lat(i)-
  613. around
    peri-; circum-
  614. left
    levo-; laev(o)-; sinistr-
  615. middle
    mes(o)-; medi-
  616. right
    dexi(o)-; dextr(o)-
  617. surrounding
    peri-; circum-
  618. double
    diplo-; dupli-
  619. equal
    iso-; equi-
  620. few
    oligo-; pauci-
  621. half
    hemi-; semi-
  622. many; much
    poly-; multi-
  623. twice
    dis-; bis-
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