Korean Topik 3 Part 1 Assorted.txt

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  1. 그럼
    well, if that is the case
  2. 글쎄
    just, please
  3. anything, something
  4. 아니
  5. truly, really
  6. 두세
    two or three
  7. 몇몇
    a few, some, several
  8. other, different, another
  9. various sorts, unusual
  10. 서너
    three or four, several
  11. 아무런
  12. old, ancient, antique
  13. 오랜
    for a long time
  14. all, whole, full, total
  15. 온갓
    all, every, each
  16. 웬 (웬 사람이..)
    certain, one, a, some, unnamed
  17. 이런저런
    this n that, one thing or another
  18. whole, general, total
  19. 한두
    one or two
  20. 3rd person pronoun referring to someone unseen
  21. 그녀
  22. 모 (김모)
    a certain (a certain Kim)
  23. Hey! My boy!
  24. 3rd person pronoun refrrrong to person that is in view of speaker
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