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  1. 아끼다
    be frugal, economize, spare
  2. 안기다 (안다의 피동 ~passive) (품에 안기다)
    be embraced (in the bosom)
  3. 앉히다 (앉다의 사동 ~causative)
    seat a person
  4. 알이들다
    hear out, comprehend, recognize a person's voice
  5. 알아맞히다
    guess right, make a good shot at
  6. 알아보다
    investigate, put out a feeler, feel out a person's view
  7. 알아주다
    acknowledge (a person's merits), appreciate (a person's worth)
  8. 앞두다
    have (a period of time) to go, close at hand
  9. 야단맞다
    be scolded by
  10. 야단치다
  11. 어기다 (약속을 어기다)
    go back on, go against
  12. 어떡하다
    what to do?
  13. 얻다
    obtain, earn, get
  14. 얻어먹다
    beg food, live off (someone)
  15. 얼다 (물이 얼다)
    freeze, be frozen
  16. 얼리다 (얼다의 사동 ~causative)
    freeze, refrigerate
  17. 없애다
    take off, remove, eradicate
  18. 엎드리다
    lie on one's face, prostate oneself
  19. 여쭈다
    tell (a superior), inform, inquire (to a petson)
  20. 오가다
    come and go
  21. 오르내리다
    go up and down, rise and fall
  22. 올리다 (오르다의 사동 ~causative)
    raise, uplift
  23. 외우다
    learn by rote, commit to memory
  24. 외치다
    shout, cry, utter
  25. 이기다 (경기에 이기다)
    win at (something)
  26. 이끌다
  27. 이다 (물건을 머리에 이다)
    carry on the head
  28. 이루다
    accomplish, achieve, execute
  29. 이루어지다
    be accomplished, be achieved, be carried out
  30. 이름나다 (유명해지다)
    become famous
  31. 이어지다
    be (get) connected, be linked together
  32. 익다 (열매가 익다)
    ripen, mature
  33. 익히다
    mature, ferment (something)
  34. 인정받다
    receive authorization, receive acknowledgement
  35. 일으키다
    raise up, set up, pick up
  36. 읽히다 (읽다의 사동 ~causative)
    get a person to read
  37. 입히다 (입다의 사동 ~causative)
    put something on someone
  38. 잇다 (생계를 잇다)
    keep working for a living
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