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  1. 가꾸다
    grow, cultivate, rear
  2. 가라앉다
    sink, be submerged, go to the bottom
  3. 가리다
    disguise, conceal
  4. 가리키다
    point to, indicate, pinpoint
  5. 갇히다
    be kept indoors, be confined
  6. 갈다
  7. 갈아입다
    change ones clothes
  8. 감기다 (감다의 피동 ~passive)
    be wound (with rope)
  9. 갖추다
    make ready, arrange
  10. 갚다
    repay, refund
  11. 개다
    clear up (ex: weather)
  12. 거두다
    achieve, make a coup
  13. 거치다 (장소를 거치다)
    stop in, drop by, pass through (drop by a place)
  14. 건네다
    hand over/to
  15. 겪다
    experience, undergo
  16. 견디다
    endure, tolerate, stand up to
  17. 겹치다
    be piled up, overlap
  18. 과장하다
    exaggerate, magnify
  19. 괴로워하다
    suffer, feel pain, be tortured
  20. 괴롭히다 (괴롭다의 상동~causitive)
    torment, harass, worry
  21. 구르다
    tumble, roll over and ovef
  22. 굶다
    skip a meal
  23. 권하다
    recommend, advise, persuade
  24. 그리워하다
    long/yearn for
  25. 그만두다
  26. 긁다
    scratch, claw, maul
  27. 긋다
    draw (a line)
  28. 기다
    crawl, creep
  29. 기억나다
  30. 기울이다
    tilt, devote (oneself) to
  31. 까다
  32. 깎이다 (깎다의 피동~passive)
    get hair cut, get shaved
  33. 깔다
    spread, put down (ex:blanket)
  34. 깨닫다
    understand, realize
  35. 깨드리다
    break, smash
  36. 깨우다 (깨다의 상동~causitive)
    wake a person)
  37. 꺼지다
    die out, be extinguished
  38. 꽂다
    stick in, put in
  39. 꾸미다
    decorate, put on makeup
  40. 꾸짖다
    scold, chide, rebuke
  41. 꿈꾸다
  42. 끊기다 (끊다의 피동 ~passive)
    be broken, be cut off
  43. 끊다
    sever, chop off
  44. 끊어지다
    be cut, break, snap (ex: the rope snapped)
  45. 끌다
    pull, give a tug
  46. 끌리다
    be pulled/tugged
  47. 끓다
    boil, seethe
  48. 끼어들다
    intrude into, interrupt (a person)
  49. 끼우다
    insert (in), fit (into)
  50. 나뉘다
  51. 나서다
    come forward
  52. 나아가다
    advance, proceed, make progress
  53. 나아지다
    become better
  54. 나타내다
    show (a feeling), display (one's ability), bring out (differences)
  55. 날다
  56. 날리다 (날다의 피동 ~passive)
    let fly
  57. 날아가다
    fly away
  58. 날아오다
    fly here
  59. 날아오르다
    fly high
  60. 남다
    be left over, be superabundant
  61. 낫다
  62. 낮추다 ( 낫다의 사동 ~causative)
  63. 낳다
    give birth to, breed
  64. 내놓다
    bring out, put out
  65. 내려다보다
    look down at, take a bird's eye view
  66. 내주다
    hand out
  67. 내쫓다
    kick out
  68. 널다
    hang up (laundry)
  69. 넓히다 (넓다의 사동 ~causative)
    widen, broaden, expand
  70. 넘기다 (넘다의 사동 ~causative)
    turn over, fall down
  71. 넘어가다
    go over (a mountain), go beyond
  72. 넘치다
    overflow, flood, run over
  73. 녹다
    melt, thaw
  74. 놀리다
    play a joke on
  75. 높이다 (높다의 사동 ~causative)
    raise, lift, promote
  76. 놓이다 (놓다의 피동 ~passive)
    be put, placed
  77. 놓치다
    missed one's hold of, drop a bottle
  78. 눈감다
    shut one's eyes
  79. 눕히다 (눕다의 사동 ~causative)
    lay a person down
  80. 늘리다 (늘다의 사동 ~causative)
    increase, add to
  81. 늘어나다
    extend, stretch
  82. 늘어서다
    be in a row, form a line
  83. 늙다
    grow old
  84. 늦추다 (늦다의 사동 ~causative)
    loosen, unbend
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