Vocab 1

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  1. Adjure
    command solemnly, request earnestly
  2. Ancillary
    furnishing support or assistance
  3. Baleful
    threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic events
  4. Bathetic
    overly or insincerely emotional
  5. Betoken
    to be a signal for or symptom of
  6. Bode
    to forecast, indicate by signs
  7. Cloister
    monastery, religious institutions; to isolate
  8. Collateral
    indirect, inadvertent; descended from common ancestor but through different lines; (n) security pledged for repayment of loan
  9. Comestible
    edible, tender; substance used as food
  10. Contrite
    to feel sorrow, regret
  11. Deprave
    to corrupt morally, to poison or change
  12. Ephemeral
    something that’s fleeting or short-lived; short-lived
  13. Flout
    to ignore, or scoff at
  14. Hackneyed
    repeated often, overused, worn out
  15. Impecunious
    not having enough money (to pay for necessities)
  16. Importunity
    plea so persistent or annoyingly demanding
  17. Intimate
    close, familiar; sexual; informal, friendly; a person you know well; to imply as possibility, to insinuate or suggest
  18. Mellifluous
    pleasing to the ear, sounding sweet and smooth
  19. Mendicant
    beggar in extreme poverty, practicing beggary
  20. Meretricious
    tastelessly showing, insincere and tacky
  21. Mollify
    to calm someone down, smooth things over
  22. Natty
    current in dress and manners
  23. Obsequious
    attempting to win favor from people by insincere flattery; submissive in manners and behavior
  24. Preen
    to dress/groom with elaborate care; congratulate oneself for achievement
  25. Profane
    grossly irreverent, characterized by profanity or cursing; to corrupt morally
  26. Profligate
    recklessly wasteful; unrestrained by convention or morality; a reckless consumer or morally unrestrained person
  27. Prosaic
    ordinary, dull, lacking wit, no imagination
  28. Refractory
    stubbornly resisting authority; not responding to treatment
  29. Spurious
    false, inauthentic; intended to deceive
  30. Vex
    to cause annoyance in; to disturb peace of mind of; to be a mystery or bewildering to
  31. Voluble
    talking continuously at great length
  32. Wizened
    wrinkled by shrinkage from age or illness
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