Art History 6a Week 10

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  1. Maison Carée, Nimes, detail of the Corinthian Order, c. 20 AD

    • -Corinthian capitals
    • -set on a high podium
    • -front entrance, walls pushed out to meet engaged columns
  2. 2. Maison Carée, Nimes, c. 20 AD, Detail

    -Corinthian capital is evident
  3. "Ludovisi Sarcophagus" (Romans and Barbarians), Rome, c. AD 260

    • -Chaotic scene of battle between Romans and barbarians
    • -Emotive figures reject Classical perspective
    • -Very popular for Christian burials
  4. "Dying Barbarian" from "Ludovisi Sarcophagus"

    • -You can see the emotion and emotiveness in his face
    • -Rejection of Classical perspective in the use of floating ground lines
  5. Aula Palatina (Basilica), Trier (Germany), Roman, Late Imperial period, c. 310 AD

    • -Flat, wooden, coffered ceiling
    • -Large windows provided illumination
  6. Aula Palatina (Basilica), Trier (Germany), Roman, Late Imperial period, c. 310 AD

    • -Constantine's new palace complex
    • -Lead-framed panes of glass
    • -Brick exterior is typical of later Roman architecture
  7. Decomanus Maximus and the Great Triumphal Arch, Timgad (North Africa)
  8. Timgad (North Africa), aerial view, founded in AD 100
  9. Timgad (North Africa), city plan, founded in AD 100

  10.  Djemila (Cuicul), aerial view, 2nd century AD
  11. Temple of Venus (axonometric drawing), Baalbek (Heliopolis), c. 220-240 AD
  12. Palace of Diocletian (model), Split (Spalato), c. 300-305 AD

    • -Well-fortified suburban palace with watch towers
    • -Within the high walls are two avenues intersected in the palace center were the city forums would have been situated
    • -Contained a Temple of Jupiter
  13. Bust of Decius (Anarchic Period), c.250 AD

    • -Old man with bags under his eyes and a sad expression in his eyes which glance away nervously
    • -Knows he cannot restore order in this out of control world
    • -Shows the anguished soul of a man
  14. Basilica Nova/Constantine, Rome, exterior, c. 310 AD

    • -Constantine's image dominated the interior of the basilica
    • -the vaults also buttressed the groin vaults of the nave
    • -the walls and floor were richly marbled
    • -Clerestory windows
  15. Lepcis Magna, plan
  16. Lepcis Magna, Severan Forum and Basilica, plan, c. 195 AD
  17. Lepcis Magna, Severan Forum, Temple of Septimius Severus, restoration
  18. Lepcis Magna, Severan Forum and Basilica, view
  19. Lepcis Magna, Severan Basilica, restoration
  20. Ephesus, "Temple of Hadrian"
  21. Ephesus, Library of Celsus and Plaza, 2nd century AD
  22. Ephesus, Library of Celsus, restored facade, detail

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