Police Laws

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  1. 5 x 5 x 5 
    Source Evaluation
    E is Unknown
    Give an example of it
    Source not known to give information in the past
  2. 5 x 5 x 5 
    Source Evaluation
    B is Mostly Reliable
    Give an example of it
    Police officer
  3. 5 x 5 x 5 
    Source Evaluation
    C is Sometimes Reliable
    Give an example of it
    • Neighbourhood Watch
    • Drug Dealer
  4. Types of Call to Respond to;
    What is I grade
    Immediate Response 

    I.e Public Order, Critical Incident, Road Traffic
  5. Explain NDM VIAPOAR
    • Values
    • Information - Gather (What is happening, What do I know, What information do I have)
    • Assess - (What are the risks, Do I take action now, Do I need more info, Do I need other services)
    • Powers & Policy - (What police powers maybe required, What legislation may apply)
    • Options - (Time available, Immediacy of threat, Available resources, Limitations of information, Impact of possible actions)
    • Action & Review - (Implement action selected, Record appropriate info, Monitor what happened, Review Experience)
  6. What information is kept on the PNC
    • VIM Mark
    • VRM Mark
    • Property - lost/stolen only 
    • Wanted/Missing Persons
    • Disqualified Driver
    • Subject of a  Legal Process
  7. When doing a PNC Check what should you mention?
    • The type of enquiry
    • Who you are
    • Where you are
    • Why you want the information
    • The details you require
  8. For a Crime to Occur there must be what 3 elements
    • The Victim
    • The Offender
    • The Opportunity/Place
  9. Types of Call to Respond to;

    What is R grade
    No Response Required 

    I.e Hate Crime
  10. Types of Call to Respond to;

    What is S grade
    Soon or Delayed Response

    I.e Domestic/ Non Crime
  11. 5 x 5 x 5 
    Source Evaluation
    D is Unreliable
    Give an example of it
    Drug Dealer/User
  12. What are the Primary Objects of a Police Officer?
    • -Preservation of Life
    • -Prevention of Crime
    • -Detention and apprehension of offenders
    • -Keep the Queens peace
    • -Protect, help & measure
    • -With integrity, common sense & judgement
  13. What are the 2 different threat levels
    • High threat
    • Unknown threat
  14. During an initial response to a situation to a situation what are the 4 things to consider
    • Preservation of life
    • Preservation of the scene
    • Secure evidence
    • Identify witness and offenders
  15. What should information be contained and recorded for?
    A policy purpose
  16. What is SARA
    Scan - Going out engaging with the public, founding out about as many issues as possible, speaking to partner agencies, community groups involvement

    Analyse - What can be taken out of the Crime Triangle (Victim, Offender, Opportunity) to stop crime happening

    Respond - Introduce capable guardians, re-educate offenders

    Assess - Has enough been done, if it has worked - why?, What more could have been done?
  17. Under Section 17 there is an obligation for Responsible authorities to set out points to provide crime reduction

    What are the Responsible Authorities
    • Police Service
    • Fire Authority
    • NHS PCT
    • Local Authority
    • NOMS
  18. 5 x 5 x 5 
    Source Evaluation
    A is Always Reliable
    Give an example of it
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