English words and their translations in Russian

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  1. in fact

    * He said the job was hard, but, in fact, it was easy.

    * He looks gloomy (мрачный, угрюмый), but in fact he is quite (вполне, совершенно) happy, and he leads a quiet (тихий, спокойный) life in this suburb (пригород) of London.
  2. look after

    * Good nurses look after their patients like mothers.

    * His wife Gertie looks after him carefully (внимательно);
    ухаживать за
  3. feed on

    * Rich people feed their dogs on the best cuts of meat.

    * His wife Gertie looks after him carefully; she cleans the house regularly, and feeds him daily on well cooked meat and tinned vegetables.
  4. content with

    * Zoo keepers are usually content with their jobs.

    * There is always a supply (запас) of fresh water for his whisky (виски), and plenty of carpet space for putting practice, so he is very comfortable and content with suburban (пригородный, загородный) life.
    быть довольным
  5. go blind

    * Felix is very fond of his old dog, Sam. They go for walks together on Sundays. Today he is taking Sam to the local vet, because he is afraid that he is going blind.
  6. go deaf

    * Our cat went deaf when he was very old.
  7. confident of

    * Tim is confident of finding the picnic spot.

    * However, the vet is confident of curing him by means of a small operation.
    уверенный в
  8. by means of

    * You can do almost anything by means of hard work.

    * However, the vet is confident of curing him by means of a small operation.
    посредством, с помощью
  9. operate on

    * A team of surgeons operated on the patient.

    * He is giving Sam an injection before operating on him, so that he will sleep peacefully the whole time and not feel any pain.
  10. stand by

    * The police stood by in case of trouble.

    * There is even a pretty nurse standing by to comfort Sam in case he feels unhappy and lonely in the strange surroundings.
    быть наготове
  11. on the way

    * We can stop at Stoke on the way to Tiverton.

    * - Hello, Jack. Why the rush? Where are you going?
      - Hello, Mike. I'm on my way to meet Joyce at the station.
    по пути
  12. be off

    * "We'll be off as soon as Tim's ready."

    * We're having dinner at a Chinese restaurant and then we're off to the theatre.
    уходить, отправляться
  13. at least

    * "I've told you the answer at least five times."

    * - Do you often go to the theatre?
      - Yes, Joyce and I usually go at least once a fortnight; sometimes more.
    по крайней мере
  14. be on

    * My favourite T.V. programme is on tonight.

    * Look, I forget the name of the play, but there's a good comedy on at the Theatre Royal next week.
  15. (all) right

    * "At six then." "(All) right. I'll be there."

    * - If you like, I can book four seats for next Saturday.
      - All right.

    * - I don't think there's any beer in the house.
      - Don't worry. We've got some bottles of beer and lemonade and there's half a chicken in the fridge.
     - Right then.
    давай, ладно
  16. (must) fly

    * "I'll have to fly or I'll miss the bus."

    * I must fly now. It's six o'clock already and Joyce's bus arrives at ten past. She hates waiting around and I don't want to spoil everything by upsetting her before we start our evening.
    (должен) лететь
  17. wait around

    * We won't wait around for anyone who's late.

    * I must fly now. It's six o'clock already and Joyce's bus arrives at ten past. She hates waiting around and I don't want to spoil everything by upsetting her before we start our evening.
  18. get up

    People who wake up early don't always get up early.
  19. call

    "Call me before you come; I may not be home."
  20. go for

    We went for a walk in the woods.
  21. put off

    They decided to put off the theatre visit for a while.
  22. get to

    The last bus gets to the station at ten to eleven.
    добираться до
  23. see you

    "Cheerio then!" "See you tomorrow!"
  24. stay out

    We don't often stay out late.
  25. good at

    I'm not very good at games.
    иметь способности к
  26. by chance

    Quite by chance I met an old friend in Oxford Street.
  27. interested in

    Peter is interested in foreign languages.
  28. specialize in

    This restaurant specializes in French food.
  29. get on with

    I like my job, but I don't get on with my boss.
  30. adjust to

    We all have to adjust to new situations.
    приспосабливаться к
  31. at the end (of)

    The bus stops at the end of the street.
    в конце
  32. make up (my) mind

    I suddenly made up my mind to emigrate.
  33. think of

    Peter is thinking of leaving for America.
    думать о
  34. a good time

    I had a good time at the party last night.
    хорошо проводить время
  35. well off

    You can take exotic holidays if you're well off.
  36. hard up

    I'm rather hard up so I can't buy her a present.
    на мели
  37. do up

    They did up our office last week. It looks nice now.
  38. in the end

    In the end I found the letter after searching for hours.
    в конце концов
  39. pay a visit

    My brother paid me a visit last week.
    нанести визит
  40. decide on

    I liked the red dress, but finally I decided on the blue one.
    останавливаться на
  41. call in on

    We called in on Uncle Tom while we were in Bristol.
  42. put up

    "Don't all go to a hotel. We can easily put up some of you here."
    размещать, разместить
  43. How are you getting on?
    как у тебя продвигается дело?
  44. look for

    "If you look for it carefully, you'll find it."
  45. tidy up

    Mike never tidies up his room.
  46. put away

    The pupils put their books away after the lesson.
  47. a good job

    "It's raining. It's a good job I've got my umbrella!"
    хорошо ещё, (что)
  48. rain heavily

    It rarely rains heavily in England - just often!
    идёт сильный дождь
  49. in sight

    The boat was not in sight when we reached the harbour.
    в поле зрения
  50. difficulty in

    Eva has difficulty in remembering all her husbands.
    трудность в
  51. turn over

    Several boats turned over in the strong wind.
  52. at once

    The teacher called, and the boy came at once.
    сразу же
  53. take care of

    "You'll take care of my dog while I'm away, won't you?"
  54. come round

    The boxer didn't come round for ten minutes after the fight.
    приходить в себя
  55. at high speed

    Modern planes can travel at extremely high speeds.
    на большой скорости
  56. inquire about

    They inquired about the trains at the station.
  57. after all

    The weather looked bad, but we didn't need coats after all.
    тем не менее, всё же
  58. get over

    He had flu for weeks, but finally he got over it.
  59. complain about

    Bill often complains about his job.
  60. by the way

    "By the way, have you seen Bill lately?"
    между прочим
  61. flat out

    "Your car isn't safe when you drive it flat out."
    на максимальной скорости
  62. get married

    They were only seventeen when they got married.
  63. fancy that

    "Eva's got a new boyfriend." "Well, fancy that!"
    воображать, представлять себе
  64. at this rate

    "Walk faster. We'll miss the bus at this rate."
    в таком случае, при таких условиях
  65. as a matter of fact

    "I said I wanted two, but as a matter of fact I'll need four."
    фактически, на самом деле
  66. left

    They hurried because there was little time left.
  67. hold on

    "Hold on a minute - I'll fetch my pen."
    ждать у телефона
  68. run out of

    I ran out of money before the end of the holiday.
  69. short of

    "We're short of cash, so you'd better write a cheque."
    не хватать
  70. pick up

    "Look after my case. I'll come and pick it up later."
  71. do a favour

    I'm grateful to John. He's done me several favours
    оказать услугу, одолжение, любезность
  72. do business

    I never do business with friends.
    вести дела
  73. sit exams

    The students sit the G.C.E.exams in June.
    сдать экзамены
  74. bored with

    I'm bored with watching television.
  75. keen on

    I'm not keen on the cinema.
  76. fond of

    They are very fond of their cat.
  77. do well

    I'm sure he will do well at Oxford if he gets there.
    хорошо учиться
  78. on end

    It has been raining for days on end.
    подряд, непрерывно
  79. for a change

    I'm tired of tea; let's have some coffee for a change.
    для разнообразия
  80. what about

    "I don't like wine." "What about beer?" "Yes, I like beer."
    как насчёт
  81. do (my) best

    I didn't pass, but I did my best.
    сделать всё возможное
  82. in other words

    They never work hard. In other words, they're just lazy.
    другими словами
  83. couldn't care less

    "I failed again, but I couldn't care less."
    мне наплевать
  84. crazy about

    "Young girls today are all crazy about pop stars."
    помешен на
  85. make a fortune

    He made a fortune during the war, then spent it all.
  86. worry about

    Charles is worried about his cat.
    беспокоиться за
  87. give up

    I gave up chocolates when I got too fat.
    отказаться, бросить
  88. believe in

    Do you believe in ghosts?
  89. take up

    We took up sailing (парусный спорт) when we moved to Portsmouth.
  90. cut out for

    This man is not cut out for an office job.
    быть словно созданным для
  91. dead

    "These tests are dead simple." "You're dead right!"
  92. come on

    "I'll never finish in time." "Come on. Of course you will."
    (ну,) давайте
  93. thank goodness

    "We're home at last." "Thank goodness for that!"
    слава Богу
  94. all over

    It was hard work, but it's all over now.
    всё кончено
  95. come out

    This magazine comes out once a month.
  96. get on with

    "Get on with the work or we'll never finish today."
    справляться, справиться
  97. up to (you)

    "Shall we leave at 9 or 10?" "I don't mind. It's up to you."
    зависеть от
  98. have enough of

    "I've had enough of working late at night."
  99. day off

    We always get three days off at Christmas.
    выходной день
  100. get down to

    "I feel tired, but I must get down to work again."
    садиться, браться, взяться за
  101. pretty

    "Malcolm's pretty good at tennis, isn't he?"
  102. get through

    After three failures I finally got through the driving test.
    справиться, выдержать экзамен
  103. can't stand

    "I like John, but I can't stand his girlfriend."
    терпеть не могу
  104. let know

    Please let me know if you need any help.
    дать знать
  105. sorry about

    We're sorry about the noise we made last night.
  106. lack of

    There's a lack of space in all big cities.
    недостаток, нехватка
  107. in any case

    You can have that cake. I'm not hungry in any case.
    во всяком случае
  108. find out

    I phoned John to find out when he was coming.
  109. do a trip

    We did the trip in less than an hour.
    совершить поездку
  110. give a ring

    "I'll give you a ring at the office tomorrow."
    позвонить по телефону
  111. in spite of

    In spite of the cold weather he went out without a coat.
    не смотря на
  112. short notice

    We can't do big jobs at short notice.
    короткий срок
  113. fix up with

    "My secretary will fix you up with all you need."
  114. put up with

    "I just can't put up with that noise any longer."
    терпеть, мириться, примириться
  115. no idea

    "I've no idea where I put my screwdriver (отвёртка)."
    не представлять
  116. carry on

    You can watch television while I carry on with my work.
  117. (I've) got it

    "Do you understand that?" "Yes, I've got it."
    я поняла; ясно; всё понятно;
  118. slow down

    He was slowing down as he reached the bend (поворот, изгиб).
  119. give a hand

    * "Let me give you a hand with your suitcases."

    * Give me a hand with this sideboard (буфет), Charles. I want it over there by the settee (диван).
    оказать помощь
  120. in the way

    * "Don't leave your car there. It's in the way."

    * The picture isn't staying there anyway. I only hung it on the wall because it was in the way on the floor. We can arrange the pictures when all the furniture is in place.
    на пути
  121. tighten up

    * "This strap (ремень) is too loose (свободный). Tighten it up."

    * Where did I put my big screwdriver (отвёртка)? It's not in the toolbox and I want to tighten up these loose (свободный) screws (винт) on the door hinges (петля).
    усиливать, закручивать, затягивать
  122. just now

    * "Have you seen John?" "Yes, he was in the garden just now."

    * You had it in your hand when you went into the kitchen just now.
    только сейчас
  123. keep on

    * That dog keeps on barking all night.

    * Don't keep on nagging (придираться).
  124. fed up with

    * "I'm fed up with this exercise."

    * I expect he's fed up with all the fuss and noise.
    быть сытым по горло
  125. go to sleep

    * I usually read a little before I go to sleep.

    * He's probably crept into a cupboard somewhere and gone to sleep.
  126. tired of

    * I'm tired of doing examinations.

    * I'm tired of it all as well.
    надоело, наскучило
  127. sit around

    "Don't just sit around. Come and help me."
    рассиживаться без дела
  128. see to

    Janet will see to the housework while mother is away.
    присматривать за, заботиться о, позаботиться о, постеречь
  129. for ages

    "I've known Mary for ages now."
    целая вечность
  130. get round to

    "I haven't written to him yet, but I'll get round to it soon."
    найти время для
  131. no point in

    There's no point in doing this exercise. It's too easy.
    нет смысла
  132. at a loose end

    I only went to the lecture because I was at a loose end.
    шататься без дела
  133. come round

    "You must come round and see me when you have time."
    заходить, приходить
  134. brand new

    "He's got a brand new T.V. set. He bought it yesterday."
    совершенно новый
  135. here you are

    "I'd like a cigarette." "Here you are. Have one of mine."
    вот, пожалуйста
  136. out and about

    He's very old but he still gets out and about.
    в достаточно хорошей форме
  137. gosh

    "Look at her!" "Gosh! I've never seen such a tall girl."
    Боже! Чёрт возьми!
  138. take pot luck

    We haven't booked seats. We'll take pot luck at the theatre.
    действовать на удачу; довольствоваться тем, что есть
  139. carry out

    Repeat in detail any section of the programme which you did not carry out well the first time.
  140. come across

    I came across your letter while I was tidying up my office.
    наталкиваться на; натолкнуться на
  141. do without

    I can't do without a cup of coffee at ten o'clock.
    обходиться без; обойтись без
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