MM3 gm- secretion systems

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  1. What does Gm - secretion systems contribute to?
  2. What is secreted?
    products used for moving proteins from cytoplasm-->periplasm-->outer membrane--> envir/host 
  3. What is the sec system known as? Objective?
    • general secretory pathway (GSP)
    • transports proteins from cytoplasm to periplasm 
  4. What do newly transmitted proteins do?
    wrap around pilot & Sec B w/in cytoplasm
  5. How many types of pathways are there?
    7 which push proteins through OM 
  6. Type I 
    ABC transporter 
  7. Type II
    • Sec-dependent 
    • 2 step system
  8. Type III
    • Sec-independent 
    • forms channels
    • found only in Gm - bacteria
  9. Type IV
    • sec independent 
    • involves conjugal transfer
  10. Type V
    • sec dependent pathways:
    • transport effectors across periplasm 
    • 2nd step across OM 
    • SIMILAR to Type II
  11. Type VI
    • sec-independent pathways 
    • needle and tubule system 
  12. Type VII 
  13. Dependent =
    • lock system 
    • channel 
  14. What is the process for Type III
    bacteria pilli contact host cell
  15. Pathogen islands in bacteria do what?
    Encode proteins responsible for Type III system 
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