Exam 3, part 1

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  1. Chomsky
    • Language part of biology
    • sensitive period
    • LAD (Language Acquisition Device)
    • We are active learners; just need stimulation
    • If young and have damage to brain then you can recover
  2. LAD (Language Acquisition Device)
    Chomsky said that this part of the brain grows with language and if don’t learn language here then it prunes away
  3. sensitive period
    language has to be developed during a certain period of time unless not learned
  4. Skinner
    • Language is like everything, it is learned it is reinforced, modeled
    • Babies babble and when say ma ma ma which sounds like a real world the mom get happy and the baby is reinforced to say it again
    • You can teach language at any time so long as it is reinforced
  5. Bilingual kids
    • The part of the brain which decides competing languages and does better learning more languages
    • ---If not bilingual then this part of the brain prunes away
  6. Broca’s Area
    • Produce or talk languages
    • If problem here then you have word jumble- you think you are saying something comprehensible but it comes out like jumble
  7. Wernicke’s Area
    • Ability to understand language
    • If problem here you also say word jumble
  8. Developmentally slow kids
    • Kids with autism, their head grows very quickly causing the pruning of language bc not using
    • Others language grows fast and causes the pruning of pragmatics
  9. Receptive language
    amount of language we understand
  10. Genie
    • non organic failure to thrive
    • Understood words but no grammar or pragmatics
    • Showed how there is a sensitive period
  11. Language at Birth
  12. Language at 0-2 mo
    Cooing (just vowels)
  13. Language at 4-6 mo
    • Uses constants and babble mamama, bababa --> not dependent on culture
    • Joint attention- start pragmatics
  14. Language at 6 -8 mo
    • Reinforcement starts to matter if say mamama and mom reinforces it does it again
    • --Skinner
    • Babies of different counties repeat different words which the mom responds to
    • Baby manipulating you -->Trial and error
    • Start comprehending words
    • ---Skinner
  15. Language at 12 mo
    • 1st word
    • ---Important name, object that stimulate interest or action
  16. Language between 1 and 2
    Building productive vocabulary
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