Exam 3 Part 4 Parenting

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  1. Authoritative
    High warmth, control
  2. Authoritarian
    Low warmth, control
  3. Permissive
    High warmth, low control
  4. Uninvolved/Neglectful
    Low warmth, low control
  5. Baumrind
    • Circumplex model --> based on 2 poles (2 extremes)
    • Authoritative
    • Authoritarian
    • Permissive
    • Uninvolved/Neglectful
  6. Authoritative more
    • Explain why it is a rule
    • Better academics ; Less likely to drop out
    • Cooperate
    • Take on better challenges; More higher level cognitive functioning
  7. Permissive more
    • Have hard time putting limits on their child/ feel guilty so over indulge (divorce)
    • Parents usually come from families that are unresponsive so want to do opposite
  8. Permissive Long term problems
    • immature socially but think mature
    • Poor decisions
    • Thinking adult can do whatever they want but can’t do things without parent
    • Poor in school
  9. Permissive Girls Long Term problems
    • more unwanted sexual relationships
    • Don’t know how to say no bc parents never say no
  10. Permissive Boys Long Term problems
    • Resisting rules
    • Fights
  11. Authoritarian more
    • Military run house
    • Cant deal with flexibility -->Don’t have exuberant play
  12. Authoritarian outcomes
    • Become too dependent, lack self-confidence, doubt ability, no experimenting
    • Too excited and become rebellious, don’t have internalized structure bc was imposed and didn’t know why
  13. Authoritarian exceptions
    • Chinese Americans- don’t complement their children to others
    • African Americans in the south -->Cold to keep me safe
    • Latinos (Mexican/ Puerto Rico) --> much worse than how we view it
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