Exam 3 Part 5 Spanking/Maltreatment

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  1. Spanking
    • open hand on clothed butt
    • If you spank when you are angry you are transferring your anger on them
    • Not good or bad; ineffective
  2. Three views on Spanking
    • Pro-corpoal punishment
    • Anti corporal
    • Conditional
  3. Pro-corpoal Punishment
    • You should spank
    • Think if not spanking you are not disciplining them
    • ---Easier than time out
  4. Anti-corporal
    You should never spank
  5. Conditional
    Spanking okay some times
  6. 4 types of maltreatment
    • Physical
    • Emotional/verbal
    • Sexual
    • Neglect
  7. Physical maltreatment
    • Usually wait til see bruises
    • Even between men and women
    • ---Biological person
  8. Emotional/verbal maltreatment
    • usually coincides with physical
    • Even between men and women
    • ---Biological person
  9. Sexual Maltreatment
    • Smallest
    • Hardest to detect
    • Middle childhood most at risk
    • Rarely biological person
    • ---More men - Step fathers
  10. Neglect Maltreatment
    • 50% of reports but not most common
    • Not meeting Education, medical needs, proper supervision, food, shelter
    • Early childhood most at risk
    • More women reported (biological mothers)
  11. Micro
    • Their bidirectional relationship with kid --> What the kid experiences
    • Kid may have disorder which may cause it difficult time to have relationship
  12. Meso
    • Places they go where they are directly involved -->Playground, school
    • What resources do they have
    • ---No resources in the neighbor, community relationship, church, friends
  13. Exo
    • Surroundings that are not direct but affect them -->Mom going to work
    • Parents stressed and take out anger on kids
  14. Macro
    Larger cultures and values we have
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