8th grade SS Progressive Era

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  1. The Jungle/Upton Sinclair
    • The Jungle exposed unsanitary (dirty) practices in the meat processing industry.  (Jungle - animals we eat) Image Upload 1
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  2. Reform
    to improve, change for the better
  3. Progressive Era
    time period of reform during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Response to problems about industrialization and urbanization.  

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  4. Political Machines
    powerful organizations that used both legal and illegal methods to get their candidates elected Image Upload 4
  5. Gilded Age
    highlights the inequality between wealthy business owners and the workers who worked under terrible conditions for little pay.  Image Upload 5
  6. Muckrakers
    • journalists who "racked up" or exposed the "muck" (horse poop) or bad thingsImage Upload 6 of society.
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  7. Patronage
    elected officials who handed out jobs and contracts.  In return they received political support.Image Upload 8
  8. Pendelton Civil Service Act
    required people to take civil service exams for certain government jobs.  It also prevented government from firing civil service workers for political reasons.Image Upload 9
  9. Direct Primary
    an election where members of a political party (democrats or republicans) vote for their candidates to run in a general election (such as presidency.)  In the Direct Primary Republicans voted for Mitt Romney, Democrats voted for Barack Obama.  Image Upload 10
  10. Referendum
    allowed voters to approve or reject a law that had already been proposed or passed. Refer this law to the citizens for their vote.  Image Upload 11
  11. Recall
    allows voters to propose a law. Image Upload 12
  12. Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
    a fire that occurred at a shirt factory which killed many workers because the doors were locked by the business owners.  This fire led to the passage of new safety laws in the workplace.Image Upload 13
  13. Worker's Compensation Laws
    gave workers some of their lost wages due to being injured on the job.
  14. Capitalism
    economic system where private business runs industry and competition determines the price of goods.  Walmart versus Target, Hannaford vs. Price Chopper.  Image Upload 14
  15. Socialism
    an economy where the government owns and operates a country's industry.
  16. Jane Addams/Hull House
    provided services to the poor; helped the unemployedImage Upload 15
  17. Prohibitionists/Temperance
    worked to prevent alcohol from ruining people's lives Image Upload 16 Image Upload 17
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