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  1. symptoms of gonorrhea in males
    • painful urination
    • urethritis with white watery discharge, which may become purulent
  2. gonorrhea symptoms in females
    • may be asymptomatic
    • vagina discharge
    • pain
    • urinary frequency may present
  3. Syphilis symptoms in males
    • Chancre, usually in penis glands which is painless and heals in 4-6 weeks
    • Secondary symptoms include: Skin eruption
    • low grade fever
    • inflammation of lymph glands 6 weeks to 6 months after chancre heals
  4. Syphilis symptoms in females
    • Chancre on cervix or other genital areas which heals in 4-6 weeks
    • skin eruption
    • low grade fever
    • inflammation of lymph glands
  5. Genital Warts
    • single lesion or clusters of lesions growing beneath or on the foreskin, at external meatus, or on glans penis
    • On Dry skin areas lesions are hard and yellow-gray
    • On moist skin areas lesions are pink or red soft with cauliflower like appearance
  6. genital wart females
    lesions appear on the bottom part of the vaginal opening, on the perineum, the labia, inner walls and the cervix
  7. what causesĀ  genital warts
    • HPV
    • Human Papillomavirus
  8. Chlamydial urethritis
    • Urinary Frequency
    • watery mucoid urethral discharge
  9. Chlamydial Urethritis
    • Commonly a carrier
    • Vaginal Discharge
    • Dysuria
    • Urinary Frequency
  10. Infancy
    Birth to 18 Months
    • differentiates self from others gradually
    • External Genitals are Sensitive to Touch
    • Males have erections
    • Females have lubrication
  11. Toddler
    1-3 years
    • Continues to develop gender identity
    • Able to identify own gender
  12. Preschooler
    4-5 years
    • Becomes increasingly aware of self
    • Explores own and playmates body parts
    • Learns correct names for Body Parts
    • Learns to control feelings and behavior
    • Focuses love on parent of other sex
  13. school age
    6-12 years
    • strong ID with parent of same sex
    • tends to have friends same sex
    • has increasing awareness of self
    • increased modesty, desire for privacy
    • continues self stimulating behavior
    • around 8 or 9 starts asking questions
  14. Adolescence
    12-18 years
    • primary and secondary sex characteristics develop
    • Menarche usually takes place
    • develops relationships with interested partners
    • Masturbation is common
    • May participate in sexual activity
    • May experiment with homosexual relat
    • Are at risk for pregnancy and SDI
  15. Young Adulthood
    • Sexual Activity is common
    • Establishes lifestyle and values
    • Homosexual ID usually established in mid 20s
    • Many couple share financial obligations and household tasks
  16. Middle Adulthood
    • Mena and women experience decreased hormone production
    • Menopause occurs in women
    • Climacteric occurs in men
    • quality rather than number of sexual experiences becomes important
    • Individuals establish independent moral and ethical standards
  17. Late Adulthood
    65 and over
    • Interest in sexual activity often continues
    • Sexual activity may be less frequent
    • Women's vaginal secretions diminish and breasts atrophy
    • Men produce fewer sperm and need more time to achieve an erection and to ejaculate
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