10 CorePower Yoga Principles

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  1. Asana
    (Physical Yoga Postures)
    • to cultivate strength, stillnesss, endurance in physical body
    • intelligence in the mind
    • kindness and generosity in spirit
  2. Prana
    • rhythmic control of breath
    • ujjayi, helps expand chest and lungs to capacity
  3. Vinyasa
    • “nyasa” – to place, “vi” – in a special way
    • a flow of yoga asanas connected with eachother through breath
  4. Tapas
    • “fire” that causes purification, detoxification,
    • self-discipline
    • accelerated detoxification through sweating
    • warms the muscles allowing for safer, deeper, healing, and tension-releasing practice
  5. Drishti and Dharana
    (Gaze and Focus)
    • Drishti – a point of focus held while practicing a yoga posture: facilitates physical/mental balance, concentration and non-competitiveness
    • Dharana – concentration, attention, focus
  6. Alignment and Safety
    • be precise and concise with descriptions
    • know students levels
  7. Uddiyana Bandha
    (Abdominal Lock)
    • energetic lock, keeping life energy at center
    • solid foundation, stability, balance, alignment
    • diaphragm lifts into chest, abdominal organs pull towards the spine
  8. Establish Rhythm
    • predictability – students can rely on rhythmic breathing and pose cues
    • continuity and consistency of rhythm and flow
  9. Set Students Up for Success
    sequence the class so they achieve new heights in their practice and lives
  10. Have Fun
    don't take yourself too seriously
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