The CPY 5

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  1. Environment
    welcome students

    warm, friendly, welcoming, non-intimidating


    • heat, himidity, lithing, clealiness, music, etc
    • pleasant music before and after
  2. Sequence
    cues were thoughtful and intentional

    taught to all levels, with variations and modifications made available

    time/intensity even on both R and L sides of the posture

    accessible theme weaved through class

    • verbal and manual assits to encourage their practices
    • started and ended on time
    • consider student safety
  3. Authentic Connection
    • used student’s names; focused on new students
    • hands on assits when appropriate
    • engaged students before and after class

    appropriate voice inflection, energy, and silence when instructing

    • teach from all over the room
    • cuing is clear, concise – can move group together when and where you intend
  4. Diminish the Dogma
    accessible to all students, using engaging, secular themes/concepts

    Sanskrit and English: minimal or no chanting
  5. Announcements
    authentic, inspirint announcment about programs, events, benefits; demonstrate community value

    acknowledged new students, asked for feedback and encouraged all to come back

    genuine send off

    authentic, intriguing, concise
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